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How much time do you spend gaming per week?

5-10 hours I am a casual peasant 31 25.62%
10-20 hours I am quite the avid gamer! 56 46.28%
20-30 hours I am hardcore enough... 16 13.22%
30-40 hours I am a hardcore gamer! 15 12.40%

Not as much as I used to... when I was in school and college, it was easily 50+ hours a week, proper hardcore gaming style y'know? Now I'm lucky to get 10 hours a week due to work and such, however, I've had Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wii U, and my current playtime is 22 hours, lol.

I'm also an extremely sad person, and I've booked off from the 21st to the 23rd of this month (Fridayto Sunday, I work weekends too!) so I can play Final Fantasy X HD Remaster... obviously I didn't tell my manager that though, lol. I get Monday's and Tuesday's off anyways, so basically, that's five days that I plan on spending absolutely raping the greatest game of all time... this time in HD! :D

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Since I got a job about 5 hours a week I wish I could play more

Less than 5 hours a week, so there is no option for me.

But also it depends. As for example when the next Zelda or Uncharted game will be released, I will play it all my free-time until it is finished. So easily 5-10 hours per day, depending on weekend or working-day, but the game(s) will be finished after a few days, if I don't try to collect every single items and upgrades(which I never do).

So in a week described as above, easily 40-50 hours. I think even Zelda games are stated to contain 50 hours of gameplay, so it seems reasonable.

Last week I played 0 hours. Perhaps 1 hour of gameplay for the whole week if I really really stretched it for my whole gameplay time on my smartphone.

Sadly not very much. Between school, work, and social life, I maybe put in about 2-4 hours a week. Main reason I haven't bought a new system yet is because I couldn't justify it.

Average: 6-8 hours a week
Summer: 15-20 hours a week
Finals week: 1 hour a week

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Probably between 20 and 30 hours a week, though it depends on University work, and what im doing on the weekends. Could be upwards of 50 hours if i have nothing going on in a week.

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It depends on wether I have something to new play and how busy I am.There are months that I play no games at all and there are times like Christmas or Easter when I have a lot of free time and ussually something new to play.....then I might end up playing like 5-6-7 hours or 3-4 per day(Depends on the game). I never play games during the afternoons and nights.When there is no sun, I can't concetrate fo some reason, same with homework.It's like I am a plant.

5-10 hours per week, or about 60-90 minutes every night once my family goes to sleep. One or two levels/chapters of a current game, or a couple of matches of a sports game are enough for me to relax and flush out the tension. I sleep like a baby afterwards.

Too much... for me anyway, I have things I should really be doing, productive things but I don't do them. But that's what I get for not having a life.

Hmm, pie.

Approximately 2 hours a day, so 14 per week.

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