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Forums - Movies & TV - New Spider-Man movie to be released every year, says Sony UPDATE: not any more...

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It's not always going to be a movie about Spider-man. They'll have one about Venom, Sinister Six, and maybe Carnage. This is like Marvel releasing a new superhero movie every year but they always star a different hero. Same universe, different characters. People are being too quick to shoot this down.

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Spider-man...Spider-man....he can do what Call of Duty can!

I'm a huge Spider-Man fan (of the comics and the movies), but even I think a Spider-Man movie each year is overkill. You can only milk the cow so much until it's dried out (don't know if my logic is correct, but whatever). 

Anyway, still hyped for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 :D


pezus said:

yearly releases can, in some cases, increase sales of each release actually. See what happened to CoD when it was annualized, and Marvel movies.

In rare cases, that is. Call of Duty is also going down in sales, no? Marvel movies have just recently gone to annual releases, since 2010 as the article suggests. We'll see how it works out for them in the next few years, it'll be especially interesting to see how The Avengers: Age of Ultron does compared to the first.

I have serious doubt that it'll have much of a good affect on Amazing Spiderman past the third one. People were already fatigued by the first trilogy we had in Spiderman's universe.

That's one way to kill a franchise

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This wil really rake in a lot of money though. Which is all that really matters as these films are not going to impact cinema history anyway.

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Hahahah! I'm all for running Spiderman into the ground if Sony need to.

I only skimmed through it but it seems like they mean with spinoffs. As in Venom, Sinister Six and then AS3 in the next 3 years.


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Drive Spider-man into the ground until everyone is sick of it again, wait 4-5 years for a reboot, rinse repeat.

Tonnes of cash made in the process.

I wouldn't mind this. I really liked the reboot.

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