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Oh no you've cursed it now :(.

That's not a curse, that's the number of the Beast!

Hmmm, when you look at it that way....

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440K first week

pezus, could you change mine to 750,000 for the week. The rest remains the same. Thanks!


The PS5 Exists. 

95.737k is what would happen if stock situations are identical to the rest of the world. However Sony would have been holding back stock for this launch, so that could bump the ratio pushing it just up to 150k.

The real question is why did Sony announce ww numbers the other day? Are they expecting a low Japan launch and will hide it by not announcing numbers next week, or are they expecting a huge Japan launch and they want to show off essentially? Sadly the data supports the former, but my heart supports the later.


450k is my final number, although I have no confidence in it whatsoever. The math and statistics just point to such a low number so I don't know what to do.

It's really difficult to say without knowing how many they shipped. I mean, people that live in a small town in Japan were saying in another thread that they'll be able to easily buy it without having the system preordered and you can still buy it on now. That tells me that either sony is supplying a rather large shipment (700-800K+) or demand is not that high. I do not want to guess because I simply do not know what the shipment number is. I'll say that 300-350K would be in line with PSV, WiiU, and 3DS though. What I hope Sony does is get DQ and MH on PS4 soonish. Rumor has it no mainline MH outside of Nintendo systems until after this Fall, but if they make a deal with SE and announce a port of DQX and an HD port of DQVIIR (even if only on PSN) with the promise of DQVIIIR next year, the outlook post launch for PS4 would look better and healthier as other companies with jump on it too.

Also, where are the pics of people lining up in Japan? That's half the fun of seeing a system launch over there.

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Don't expect amazing numbers.

I'll go for 384k first week.



My prediction is at 436k FW. Yakuza Ishin top selling game at 90-100k.

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800k or whatever is available at launch

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