Forums - Gaming Discussion - If One Of The Big 3 Went Bankrupt, Which One Going Would Be The Best For The Gaming Industry?

Which one would be the best for the industry?

Nintendo 35 13.36%
Sony 55 20.99%
Microsoft 172 65.65%

None of them should leave...

I was going to pick one anyway but upon farther

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Nintendo, so that people around the world can enjoy their gaming offerings.

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Microsoft, I honestly feel the structure for XBLive isn't really a great system in place any more. I know Sony followed suit with PSN Plus and PSN Home (I hope this isn't ported into the PS4), but the fact that commercialization of the whole ecosystem that you already pay for is really off putting.


Right now it would absolutely be Microsoft. They have pushed paid online, expensive, money-losing systems, paid exclusive content and expensive AAA games. Their goal is to promote Windows, not games. The industry would be better without them in it. Though having 3 options is good.

Microsoft. They have by far the weakest first-party studios, which is why they constantly have to pay third party developers to make exclusives for them.

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kowenicki said:
Nintentacle said:

In the title. I'm not sure, but I want to know what everyone else thinks.

Edit: Voted Microsoft.

at least give a reason... as I have.

dollar signs, blind hate and hyperbole arent reasons btw.

Because they haven't really done new ideas. Online was Sega's idea, and their controller designs aren't very original. Nintendo would have been my second choice, actually.

Anfebious said:

Nintendo, so that people around the world can enjoy their gaming offerings.

They would be gone though. They wouldn't be able to make games on Xbox or PS.

No really winner
Nintendo are too busy living in the 80's and 90's.
Sony have excellent hardware and 1st party developers but can be arrogant at times.
MS only really care about the bottom line.

Hard to say but i don't think we need Nintendo.
Sony and MS are pushing consoles experiences while Nintendo tries to play catch up.

You mean which one would be the least bad to lose, right? I refuse to answer until this is clarified.

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The gamer side of me says Microsoft. They haven't been around as long as the other two, so their foot isn't in the door as much. (Although that is changing quite quickly.) As well has having the seemingly weakest first party offerings and the fact that they would still be around, just not muddling with gaming. However, that can also be said about Sony.

The last point, that is...

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