Forums - Gaming Discussion - If One Of The Big 3 Went Bankrupt, Which One Going Would Be The Best For The Gaming Industry?

Which one would be the best for the industry?

Nintendo 35 13.36%
Sony 55 20.99%
Microsoft 172 65.65%

Microsoft, they pioneer things that are bad for the gamer and get away with it because too many people with more money than sense, or mums who cannot say no.


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They did amazing things with the xbox360 and online gaming but they've recently dropped the ball and shown what their "vision" for the future of the industry is....... Complete control over the consumer.

No thanks.



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None, but if one had to go then I'll pick MS - just because I have more history with Sony & Nintendo, and with Xbox One just being a slightly cut down PS4 we wouldn't lose anything except Kinect which I don't care about.

Ofcourse MS is least likely of the 3 to go bankrupt.

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I wouldn´t miss Microsoft

ICStats said:

Ofcourse MS is least likely of the 3 to go bankrupt.

They the most likely to give up on or sell off their gaming division though, Nintendo and Sony need it, MS just use it as a foot in the door of getting people to use their systems, but smartphones and tablets do a better job these days.


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Rogerioandrade said:
I wouldn´t miss Microsoft

It's like you read my mind :S

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Nintentacle said:
F0X said:
You mean which one would be the least bad to lose, right? I refuse to answer until this is clarified.

Which one going bankrupt would help the gaming industry the most, or effect it the least.

Then I say Microsoft. Burn the one that gives off the biggest anti-consumer vibe.

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I would say Microsoft, they brought nothing good to the industry.

At the beggining i thought it was good cause they were having alot of SEGA games and it was looking like a spiritual sucessor... but quickly things turned for the worse. Nowadays its FPS central. A genre im not fond of.

Their big IP's dont come from their internal studios originally aswell. They are buyouts.

Nothing would be lost if Microsoft exited the games market.