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Would you buy a remake with graphics that rival Final Fantasy XIII and uses the voice actors from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children?

Yes 75 75.00%
No 19 19.00%
I haven't played FFVII 5 5.00%

Knowing Square, a ff7 remake will be coming. Notice how we just got a FF10 remake. The sales werent bad too.

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I would rather have a Vll-2 the original remains untouched but we still get to go back to 7 world

When it comes to remakes I want a FFIV remake with FFXV graphics/physics/enviorment on the PS4.

Or an Actraiser remake...Actraiser and FFIV were amazing in 1991.

It wouldn't sell nearly as well as people think.

Well, this is new.


Kresnik said:
No. FF VII is of its time and the Square-Enix of today would absolutely butcher it.

The original KH team would make it good, it might take 10+ years of development time, but it would be good :P.

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ktay95 said:

would you buy a remake with graphics that rival Final Fantasy XIII and uses the voice actors from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children? 

Do you also think it will possible for them to keep this project profitable though? 

Final Question, how much does it sell lifetime worldwide?

As someone who hasnt really played FFVII yet I want it now, oh so much do I want it. Thinking of trying FFVII again, only got like 3 hours in last time.

Yes, Yes, and it depends.

Having said that, though, it sounds like a terrible idea.

For one,  the primitive graphics that people often criticize are actually pretty important. The story is actually surprisingly dark, but blunted with a cartoonish tone, and I think it would alter the feel of the game too much to change the style.

For another, they would almost have to update the music and dialogue as well, a decision I think might turn out...poorly.

Also, the level design isn't really compatible with that graphical style. That's part of the reason why the visuals in Final Fantasy VIII were so flat and samey, and why the levels were so barren and boring.

And finally, the game would be seriously over-influenced by its own legacy, which almost guarentees that there will be significant changes to the story.

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We'd all buy it, but, is Square capable of making such a game? Nope

pokoko said:
A remake would sell like hot-cakes. It would also receive an insane amount of hatred and criticism, no matter how good the remake actually is. People would buy it just to complain about it. I have absolutely no doubt about that.

The question is, does Square want the money enough that they're willing to take all the hell that goes along with it?

Besides, FF VII had an incoherent story and a main character made out of card-board. How would they get around those things in a way that doesn't leave the nostalgia-blinded screaming? Improve those things and people get angry. Leave them as-is and people get angry. It's a no-win situation--well, except for all the money.

Say what?

Cloud was one of the more interesting main characters in the FF series for the sole reason he wasn't a typical hero, he was in fact the complete opposite; a coward; liar; and weakling.

Also, considering the story to FFXIII, I don't think FFVII's story is really incoherent.

OT: Yes, I probably would. I probably wouldn't play through the whole thing unless they added some new content, but I'd probably buy it.

Sure. Even though Im not really crazy about it. Its a good game.

I'd rather have a GOOD new Final Fantasy game that rivals the gameplay and overall quality of FFIV, VI, or hell I'd even settle for IX.