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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Wii U pact- Invest in 3rd party on the Wii U in 2014! Less than a week to go, the Pact is coming to an end. - 128 eshop games on clearance this week!

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PacMan and the Ghostly Adventures 2: Rate it

A 8 9.20%
A- 3 3.45%
B+ 6 6.90%
B 8 9.20%
B- 6 6.90%
C+ 11 12.64%
C- 6 6.90%
D 6 6.90%
F 12 13.79%
Other, post below ( extre... 20 22.99%

mmm 12 games.. I think I will easily buy 8 this year for the Wii U but then again a bunch of them probably will be between October-december.

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Maybe I'll buy Injustice or Arkham Origins this month; there's not many games that I don't have but want to pick up at this point. Wii Fit U is a lock for this weekend though.

EDIT: still don't have a physical copy of ZombiU; may just pick one up the same day as Wii Fit U

Ive already bought too many WiiU games that I dont get the chance to play anymoe Im not in the pact but will continue to do my best for the cause.

I don't have that kind of disposable income.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

Pre-ordered the Wii Fit U Balance Board bundle from Best Buy for $65 (regular price is $90) for this month.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is already pre-ordered for February.

Beyond that, we'll see what the release schedule looks like, but if there was a worthwhile game each month, I'd happily get them.

Upcoming Games To Get

Definite: Kirby Star Allies (Switch), Mario Tennis Aces (Switch), Fire Emblem (Switch), Yoshi (Switch), Pokemon (Switch), Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS4), Monster Hunter World (PS4)

Considering: Fe (Switch), Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze (Switch), The World Ends With You (Switch), Ys VIII (Switch), Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition (PS4), Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Remix (PS4), The Last Guardian (PS4), Shadow of the Colossus HD (PS4), Anthem (PS4), Shenmue 3 (PS4), WiLD (PS4)

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Well I've had my Wii U for about 5 months and I have 8 games, guess I get the next 3 months off :)

Mass Effect 3 and ACIV: Black Flag this month

I predict that the Wii U will sell a total of 18 million units in its lifetime. 

The NX will be a 900p machine

1 per month? thats insane, we should buy a lot of crappy game just to make that happen...

BTW ME3? you know the collection has te same price right?

Got my Wii U on the 27th December, and already have WW HD and SM3DW, so my average is a game per week .

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I already have a one game / month plan

November: Assasins Creed IV
December: Super Mario 3D World
January: Most likely Rayman Legends
February: Most likely Donkey Kong Country - Tropical Freeze (unless it's delayed)
March: The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker HD
Q3: Pikmin 3, New Super Luigi U and hopefully Mario Kart 8

Beyond that is anyones guess ;)