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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS4 behind WiiU in it's second week in NA? What's wrong?

Panicnausia said:
RolStoppable said:
Panicnausia said:

You are going to eat a lot of crow............. How did ti beat PS4?? PS4 hit 1 million this week.....And has outsold the wii-u the entire year? You are going to look real foolish with these comments soon. if that is what you call a comeback, for BF the wii-u is dead.

This topic is strictly about North America. You know that things are bad for the PS4 when someone has to shift the goalposts. Damage control at its finest.

?? BAD? it broke records, and is supply constrained, and won't be much longer before it pasts wii-u LTD sales. Hilarious you accuse me of damage control....Ps4 will be ahead of wii-u for good by the time next BF week comes.

I suggest you get a new sarcasm detector.  Most of the people creating these post just need something to divert from the daily Wii U drubbing, I guess nitpicking a near sold out console is the next best substitute.

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Ugh I hate you.

I knew there would be a thread about this. I difficult is it to understand that Sony can't pull PS4s out of their ass?


The PS5 Exists. 

So lets all ignore the fact that the WiiU is going up? Despite the new consoles? -Yeah, cuz its doomed-

To be fair every time I see a Wii U bundle for 250, it sells out even faster than the PS4 stock does. I think Nintendo needs to bite the bullet and lower the thing to 250.

As for PS4, resellers are snatching them all up to sell on Craigslist. You could have easily preordered one if you wanted. I got THREE. Sold everyone cause I can show some damn patience.

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In other news the ps4 has surpassed the wii U's YTD In less than a month.

On a somewhat serious note, this website has such bad revisionist history posts, numbers are adjusted after major events such as NPD and earnings. Dont know why people hark on them just to be absent in a later thread. Last years black Friday all 3 console makers came out with numbers for their consoles...even Sony with the vita...relatively quick. This year they are all quiet (may get an update tomorrow since its been a week). Don't know about you but that tells me US numbers are no where near where they were.

Commenting on Sony PS4 sales are just nonsense, the company is selling through all consoles made, 150k sold for the week means there are 0 available to purchase retail (im sure you can get one on the black market) until more are shipped.

First PS4 games on #20, #36 and #41 in NA this week, Killzone on #46. So much for Sony domination in NA.

TayllorMasi said:
So lets all ignore the fact that the WiiU is going up? Despite the new consoles? -Yeah, cuz its doomed-

Yes because console sales have a history of going down on one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

Super Mario 3d World help a bit in sales i think.