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Forums - Sales Discussion - October 2013 NPD Thread! 3DS: 452k, 360: 166k

kopstudent89 said:
I hope 3DS is not undertracked *crosses fingers* Hopefully it's close enough to 500k for the month, that would be crazy

This post makes no sense lol. I guess you meant overtracked? :P


Anyways, tagged :D

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Vita: 13M

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what time is NPD? I hope GTA comes out on top again.

dsage01 said:
what time is NPD? I hope GTA comes out on top again.

Forget that, it already got so much glory, its going to end up either number 1 or number 2 in sales of all time (excluding Wii Sports)


let pokemon shine this month

Well that was sudden. For some reason, I thought NPD was coming next week.

And where is Boutros with the tables/charts?

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Pokemanz and 3DS numbaaazzz with Wii U bomba :) I'm excited

OP updated!

1 hour to go!

Even if both 3DS HW and Pokémon are overtracked it should be a solid month for the little critter, and it'll make the Wii U numbers less painful to look at. I'm hoping for some new info on Nintendo digital sales. Always interesting when Nintendo shares some digital sales data.

I'm curious to see how Sonic has done on Wii U and 3DS. I had high hopes for it until the reviews hit.

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We were spot on!*

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