Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why are you getting a PS4/Xbox One at launch?

I've never gotten a console at launch before, and I want to be able to experience what it's like.

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Free to play
Free superior games with PS+
Indie games can self publish
Console made with main focus on games
The PS4 specs

The only games I want to play are those from the Oddworld creator, but there are to many choises, Santa Monica, Naughty Dog, etc etc.


I'm getting it because it's just more fun and exciting imo. Plus, if I'm gonna buy into a console, I want to get ALL five years of enjoyment out of it. There's nothing worse then buying a console three years into it's life cycle and only having it for a couple years before it gets replaced and isn't supported.

I waited for the Wii U (till this week) and I will wait for my next console, maybe till the end of 2015, maybe a little less.

So I can sell it to make a profit.

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- a superior all around console
-Launch titles are GREAT
-Later on: Proj. Spark, K. Sports

I was going to buy a PS4 at launch but have now decided not to since nothing really interests me enough to hand over so much money on something I'll barely use until the truly great AAA exclusives come along, I guess it was the hype and the fact I'm a tech lover that almost convinced me to get it day one.

Waiting to see more of The Order 1866 and what team Stig & Cory have going on at SSM first then I'll buy a PS4 when at least 2 of those 3 games release, by the end of 2014 I reckon.

I'm getting a PS4 at launch because I enjoy owning the console I have pegged as my go-to console on Day 1. I also enjoy Killzone and love Infamous which will be releasing only a few months later. As for why I pegged the console as my go-to, I felt that Sony showed a greater connection to the player base and how people would respond to certain decisions. They have always given strong continuous support to their platforms even after many said the generation is over. Their exclusive titles always seem to do more for me than the competition. I love Halo, and Nintendo games will always hold a special place with me, but the sheer number of quality exclusives Sony brought across various IPs really made me regret having the 360 as my choice console in the last generation for so long. Shadow Fall and Second Son do more for me than any Xbox exclusive yet shown in-game with the notable exception of Killer Instinct which makes me happy in my pants since I loved the franchise as a kid. The Indie titles coming exclusively to the PS4 look top-notch and the controller looks awesome to me. They are also showing me a determination that I haven't seen from them in a long time. They want their throne back. So I guess I'm going to help them get it.

PS4 at launch, because:

The PS3 was (for the last few years) the better console last gen with the most support
Everything about the PS4 so far has been positive, like power and price
PS+ means I'll always have something to play
I need another bluray player

Also, MS have made the X1 really unappealing with the awful reveal and all the botched announcements after that. They have basically done everything they can to say "don't buy this day one". I imagine I'll get it next summer with Halo 5, and after they drop mandatory Kinect.

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I'm not getting a PS4 on launch. I'm waiting for a Kingdom Hearts III bundle and hopefully a price drop. I might not even be getting a PS4 or XBone, time will tell on that.