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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS3 surpassing total sells of XBOX360


Here is something for you guys to think:


360 - 16.820.000

PS3 - 9.760.000

 Gap = 7.060.000

PS3 now (I don't know tomorrow) sells, let's say, 45.000 more weekly consoles:

 Japan - 30.000

Other - 15.000


 7.060.000 / 45.000 = 156.8888889 Weeks

 156.8888889 x 7 = 1098.222222 Days

 1098.222222 / 365 = 3.008828005 Years


So it will take PS3 3 years to close the gap



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Black RL said:

So it will take PS3 3 years to close the gap



You are making a lot of huge assumptions.  An equivalently terrible assumption would be to say the PS3 will begin having sales similar to those that the PS2 had in 2003 -- and it would surpass the 360 in no time.

Sales rates will not stay constant.  The PS3 will almost certainly increase its sales rate in 2008 relative to 2007.   

yeah. giving the market will never change, right?

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Because we all know that consoles have the same number of sales every week.

ooow wait you mean sales?

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For your first post, you are rather brave.

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Nah, Ps3 will continue to expand the amount it outsells the 360 by this year. They should pass the 360 WW in 2009.

good job accounting for price drops, exclusives, holiday sales, state of the compaines, wii, room to grow, difference in sale from this period last year, the time of the year, and the fact that sales rate can increase and decrease like they have been for months now.

most analyst and even people with common sense will agree that it wont take that long for the ps3 to tie the 360 in install base.

I predict by march 09 sales will be parallel if not more for ps3 with the strong Europe surge, always having the japan ace, and the weekly gap closing in the US.

It should do it by mid 2009