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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS3 surpassing total sells of XBOX360


So, like, check this out - if PS3 sells 1 million more than XBox360 each week, it will take 7 weeks, or 7/52=0.13461 years to pass by the XBox360!

I tell you now, it's happening in 7 weeks!

Numbers: Checker Players > Halo Players

Checkers Age and replayability > Halo Age and replayability

Therefore, Checkers > Halo

So, Checkers is a better game than Halo.

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GTA IV is going to have a massive effect on the HD console war.

Will all the PS2 owners who have been holding back now buy a PS3 and keep their loyalty?

Or will they be tempted over to the 360 to get all that exclusive GTA IV extra content? And Halo 3. And Live.

Microsoft are going to spend many tens of millions on marketing their GTA IV exclusive content to try and ensure the second of these scenarios.

Incisive and erudite blog by game industry professional.


Black RL - Dead Space looks great. I'll definitely check it out. reminds me of the Thing back on PS2 and Xbox. But it has an EA logo on it which is troublesome...

Bruceongames - I'm willing to bet on Microsoft winning the GTA4 war as PS3 has a difficult job of keeping its old PS2 fans with less content. I will remain impartial as I will not buy a copy...I can't stand the GTA series :)

Fastrabbit09 - "What if he is exactly 11? What will you do then?"

I guess then he will have to suck my c@#%!

Bruceongames, If ppl like REALLY like GTA4 the only way to go is 360 because it has EXCLUSIVE downloadable content

disolitude - "But it has an EA logo on it which is troublesome..."

Don't think like that, think on Command & Conquer, Army of Two, Black.... ;)

GTA for me = Zero

Another thing for you all with love:

Devil May Cry 4 not only looks better on 360, but it's cheaper also! F@#%! That lazy piece of garbage developers!

You can check by yourself:

For this week my predictions are correct:

158.629 - 114.546 = 44.083

Just 155.8888889 More weeks to go!


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Branko2166 said:
It's simply a matter of when not if. I believe bluray being declared the winner of the format war alone will give the ps3 a huge boost not even counting the great game lineup and inevitable price drops.

i don't believe in huge boosts given by winning the format less than 12 months a typical stand alone BR player will cost half of a PS3.


Just for the records I also don't believe that winning this format war will give any advantage to Sony as a whole delivery of HD contents via broadband connections (DSL,Cable, WiMax and HSDPA) is just behind the corner and i really can't believe that in 2010 we'll be still buying printed media (SD or HD) in stores...but that' another story

2008 year end sales (made in January 2008):

44.2 M 27.1 M 20.8 M

Spectrumglr - "i don't believe in huge boosts given by winning the format less than 12 months a typical stand alone BR player will cost half of a PS3."

I would add COMBO player to that ;)

It will take a very long time at this rate and GTAIV won't help Sony I guess. In the US it will definitely sell alot more on 360. Europe more on PS3 but not at the same margin. GTA is much bigger in the States.

For the PS3 to make big waves it will take GT5 and FF13, but they're not even on the horizon. Face it, there are a lot of great games coming for both consoles, but what they need is system sellers (and no, MGS4 is not a BIG system seller). The only console that has EXCLUSIVE system sellers coming soon is the one that doesn't need 'em: Wii: SSBB and Mario Kart.

But when GT5 and FF13 are finally there and turn out to be very good Microsoft needs something amazing to stop Sony.