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pokoko said:

I'm not really a "graphics" person, but there have been a few that just blew me away.

Final Fantasy VII on the PS1 was like a bombshell compared to the pea-shooter that was my SNES. It was a real jaw-dropping, holy cats moment.

Speaking of jaw-dropping, I still remember sitting there in total awe when I first popped Gran Turismo 4 into my PS2. I'm being serious, too, I can remember it clearly. It was simply majestic. For the first time with a videogame, it felt closer to being real than to being pixels.  That GT40 still gives me the damn chills.  Bloody epic.

Gotta watch that one every time I pop the game in. Oh yes. And the music is also awesome.

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Commenting on systems I've owned:

NES - Super Mario Brothers 3
SNES - Donkey Kong Country
N64 - Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask
Xbox - Halo 2
Xbox 360 - Halo 4

Whenever I think of games which "pushed" a console graphically, I always think of this..

Plus, Bowser being on Mario's side is a mindf*ck of its own.

Other then this, maybe

and this

Honestly, I remember playing Super Mario 64, and just stopping to show my mom at how "realistic" this looked. This compared to any SNES/PS1 game at the time, was a ludacris step forward.

XenoBlade on the otherhand.....I just couldn't believe that ran on my Wii. I mean I could, but wow. Monolith Solf literally pushed the system to its limits in every single possible way.

EDIT: I misread the question, Super Mario 64 doesn't count because it doesn't push the N64, just push the envelop for gaming that the time. Super Mario RPG and XenoBlade to count. I know a lot of people would argue Starfox for SNES, but that game tried too hard to achieve 3D gaming. Starfox 2 actually had some details, so it would have counted, but it never released.

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SNES: Treasure Hunter G and Donkey Kong Country

Saturn: Beyond Oasis.. (Still one of the best looking 32 bit games ever)

3DS: Zelda Ocarina of Time.. and Paper Mario Sticker Star

PS1: Gran Turismo...

N64: Perfect Dark

Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure Series, Shenmue

Nintendo Wii by generations...

1. Wii

2. Wii U

3. Wii O U

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Xbox: TES3 Morrowind. Quite a large world and decent graphics with it (and bugs).

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xbox: Chronicles of Riddick
xbox 360: Gears of War 2
PS3: Uncharted 2

kljesta64 said:

N64 Turok 2 Seeds of Evil,

GC Metroid Prime ,StarFox Advenures,SW Squadrom II and III

ahead of its time

The problem with Turok for N64 was that the draw distances were absurdly short..... Honestly the game was scary because when you heard a Raptor, you REALLY REALLY did not know where it was coming from.

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PS2: FF12/God of war 2

I'm not going to say perfect dark because the framerate was so bad, thankfully they re-released on 360.

Shenmue on Dreamcast
Also, Grand Theft Auto V of course. It manages to fit on just 2 DVD's on Xbox 360.

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Out of what I had.

GBC-Pokemon Silver/Gold had unmatched sprite detail for the hardware

GBA-Golden Sun had some great looking attacks and environments.

DS-Mario Kart DS or Ninja Gaiden DS (Tried it at the library and was impressed. Not so much a fan of the genre though)

3DS-Currently Resi:RE or Shinen's Nano Assault/JettRocket 2

Gamecube- People say Rouge Squadron, but I'm going to go with Twilight Princess .

Wii-Xenoblade or the Galaxies.

....I really need to expand my repertoire beyond Nintendo stuff. Hopefully PS3 price drop comes soon.

Though from what I've seen, I think Halo 4 actually surpasses the Last of Us in pure graphics. Last of Us just has a better art direction. Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)