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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - What Kinect 1.0 game would you like to see updated for the Xbox One and Kinect 2.0?

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Zappykins said:
sth88 said:
Moar Rez/Child of Eden-type rail shooters. Crazy music and colorful explosions and whatnot.

Have you see the demo for the new Harmonix game?  I think it might make you really happy. 

Disney's Fantasa Music Evolved.  I have been told by people that played it, that is really fun.  The music changes as you change - follows your rhythim.



PS (Also, there is a fireworks mini game in Disneyland Kinect where you control the fireworks and make explosoins.)




Not particularly interested in Fantasia.  It's got the colorful explosions, sure, but it's lacking the techno/trance music and it's not a rail shooter.  Who knows, though, maybe if I got some hands-on (er, -off?) time with a demo I might change my tune (pun intended).

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No worry. Something tells me you will see ALL of them....

endimion said:

oh a post for true gamers :D

so me I'd love a Fruit Ninja Kinect with more stuff to do.... like bamboo slicing... or more fun to it.... even though the first one is great fun already...

would love to see the next Mass Effect keep up the Kinect integration and have similar games do the same....

any game with squadmates have voice command support.... Dragon age, Raibow Six, etc well any team RPG pretty much....

I'd like a Rock star table tennis with Kinect control....

haven't tried star wars Kinect or stealbatalion but I'd love to see them try again this time around

the gunstringer was a great idea too... so why not another one....

I want a time crisis/cop series on Kinect....

I want any games with heavy inventory navigation to have voice commands...

any RPG with dialogue choices to use voice command....

I want a motion tracking and voice command Dragon Ball Z, San seya, and harry potter magic fighting games....

pretty much anything that shouldn't require a pad should use voice command.... cause it's that much more immersive, fun, practical and faster.....

Yea, a big post!

Fruit Ninja Kinect seems like how my friend uses a laser toy for her kitten - to tire it out so she can get some sleep.  Only this seems like a thing for kids!  Tired them out so you can get some sleep.  Seems like a very physical game.

I think there will be more integration with voice commands such as in Skyrm and Mass Effect 3.  Making the Kinect mandatory on Xbox One, IMO, will help that.

What would a ‘Time Cop’ Kinect game be like?

Star Wars is a 'family' game – so if you are expecting a dark game, it’s not for you.  It’s more like an adventures/dance/race/destroy the city.

Have you tried the current Harry Potter game?  It’s like a different Adventures game in a way.  I can’t focus the spells, but you don’t really need too.  There is also PowerUp Heros, where you act like an animae character.


Really not sure I see any point of Consol over PC's since Kinect, Wii and other alternative ways to play have been abandoned. 

Top 50 'most fun' game list coming soon!


Tell me a funny joke!

Nike Training.
Although it's not a game, we (me and my family) spent on it more than 100 hours(bought it two months ago). I'd like to see it more accurate and use some features like heart rate.

Wow, nice to hear that it is good.  I was dissapointed in some of it's reviews, but no reasion they can't make some amazing games on the system. 

I still expect Insanity and P90X to make game/workouts.


Really not sure I see any point of Consol over PC's since Kinect, Wii and other alternative ways to play have been abandoned. 

Top 50 'most fun' game list coming soon!


Tell me a funny joke!

fruit ninja kinect & child of eden they worked really well
i also think kinect sports and dance central were good . gunstringer was a pretty decent game but apart from those mentioned most were rubbish

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Dance Central of course. DBZ Kinect, Gunstringer, Joyride (I enjoyed it), Kinect Party (This game is tons of fun).

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Steel Battalion Get Your Fucking Hand Off That needs to be remade into Steel Battalion Heavy Armor.  You know.  So it works.

I never played it.  Never played the first either.  Apparently the first one is really good and the sequel doesn't work.  It's from Armored Core developer FromSoftware.   

i want to see many games using it like skyrim just with some extra stuff. i really liked it in skyrim and i think it could be much better.

a new dance central game. it's really fun and already had a great quality on kinect 1.

a new kinect sports which we get.

kinectimals is great for kids so i think that also deserves to get a new version. i wouldn't buy it for myself but when friends or family visit me their kids can have fun with it^^

I have to say, none of them! They never made any games I could truly love on Kinect, except maybe Fruit Ninja? But I don't think that can be made better much, it was pretty good on the 360. I never played Kinectimals but similar gameplay is being tied into Zoo Tycoon, so I guess I hope they improve it.

I never got my Halo Wars and Viva Pinata Kinect :(


Zappykins said:
NobleTeam360 said:
None of them.

Now now, did you read the beginning?  Ok, here ya go, enjoy your ice cream!

(But no more whining please.)



i want that so badly