Heineken is good. I drink fosters though when I'm low on funds. (college student) only 3 euro a pint!

A thing of beauty, strength, and grace lies behind that whiskered face.

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that picture broke the thread.

hobgoblin, love it


I don't have a single favorite beer, it all depends on my mood and situation. But a few of my favorites:

Olvi Special III (gotta support my childhood local brewery)
Pretty much all weissbiers, especially Hefes.
Velkopopovicky Kozel Dark

But, to be honest, I'm not too picky, I tend to like most beers :)

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Beer geek here. I love me some American micros, and being where I am geographically, there's tons of them around. I can find Dogfish Head, Victory, Troeg's, Great Lakes, and many more in local bars.

My favorite micro would have to be DFH 90 Minute IPA. There's just nothing like it in terms of double IPAs - or, well, much of anything else in general.

As for imports, I'm officially addicted to Chimay Blue, and I pick it up in 750s whenever I can. That stuff is like crack. I also enjoy a lot of other Belgians, as well as some Bavarians (Aecht smoked marzen is amazing, and Franziskaner hefeweizen is my standby for something lighter.)

On the cheap, it's all about Yuengling porter, which is the only domestically-brewed porter that I know of. Even here in PA, with our insane alcohol taxes, I can find the stuff for about $20/case.

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I usually buy Blue Moon or Pete's Wicked Strawberry Blonde. Sometimes I'll get Blue Paw if the mood strikes. I loves me some flavored beers.

Rothaus Tannenzäpfle beats them all. It is not even close.

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Stella, Hoegaarden are my favourites.