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Chazore said:

Can't blame you on the encumbrance there lol. I tend to mod my ES/Fallout games with either perks for that sort of thing, or in Skyrimn's case, the backpack mod, to basically extend my inv space.

Did you try any of the space combat with the bog-standard ship at first?. I mean if it's not as varied/challenging then I can imagine that would make ship building more of a cosmetic kind of vibe. 

Well from what I gathered from someone's findings, the way their tile system worked, meant that the game could have done the seamless entry like SC/NMS, but at the same time, we know that their engine is just not up to snuff to do all that and everything else at the same time (like I've noticed when playing NMS that upon entry, there is no simulation actively happening until the ship is near ground level).

I had the idea a few hours ago, that they probably would have been better off sticking to 50 worlds. Why 50?, well 25 of those worlds can be self generated, but the hubs will be handcrafted, yet static and placed in certain locations to trim down the barren feel to some of those planets. The other 25 would be completely hand crafted and based across the main campaign and serve for factions as well (this would give more reason to fight for certain planets or decimate them).

At least then, with 25 self generated ones, you would get half the splendour of self generation with a dash of hand crafted in the mix, and another 25 completely hand crafted and serving more of a purpose for story missions, meaning you can farm 25 planets and explore them, the other 25 can serve for story/faction gameplay.

I don't think SF is a bad or shitty game tbh. I just feel like BGS should have done better. I mean this game was in dev for years and years, and hearing that it's been relying on self generation more than hand crafting content, kinda waters down their usual approach to how they make their own worlds, their own stories (even if their writing has also aged somewhat for the worse in some areas). 

I'm still going to hold out hope that TES VI will do something new, or at least look better than what we have currently (not blind hope mind you, but hope that they'll learn from 76/SF). All I mainly want from them is a world that feels alive in the next ES, as well as making my choices matter, giving me consequences to my chosen actions, having NPC's interact with me in a more believable manner. 

I did buy one of the larger ships and upgraded the weapons and that's pretty much as far as I got in terms of ship customisation. Got me through the game and space battles. I thought it was okay but I'm not that into space or arial shooters so may not be the best person to ask lol. But as a mini game of sorts I guess theres some enjoyment to be had if you were to delve into it. The thing is that it takes skill points and time to grind to get better in it as you basically have a whole perks tree dedicated towards tech and piloting. Which again, isn't for me.

Idk there's quite a bit of repeated content and assets scattered around. The game just so disjointed with only small areas of interest and the rest randomly generated places like a canvas so barebones.. its feels made for modders to come in and fill in the blanks. And it does break immersion when you come across the exact same structure, and things inside on several planets sometimes consecutively. So much so when I was playing it felt like some sort of deva-vu or a fever dream. Give me smaller scale game with more intentional and well crafted area's and planets any day. With an actual decent story; missions within that, narrative and characters. But anyways don't want to rag on about it as I know people are playing and enjoying the game and just giving my two pence.

And same.. hopefully TES VI delivers, and more-so with SF just releasing and really makes it a game that's new and exciting. Otherwise.. yeah lol we'll be in another cycle of Todd's hype machine. It'll be many years anyways and will be interesting to see how BGS evolves with its next big title. Lets hope they kick out Creation Engine and/or overhaul it because goddamn does it need a kick up the arse.

JEMC said:

The Witcher 3 Next-Gen Combat Redux Mod Released
Modder ‘suaohoward’ has released a new mod for The Witcher 3 Next-Gen that attempts to make the game a bit more difficult than before.
The Witcher 3 Combat Redux will force attack and dodge moves to consume stamina. It will also make Igni and Quen less effective, and it will remove the on-screen indicators for when enemies attack. Combat Redux also makes a number of changes to the game’s stamina system.
This mod also brings some improvements to the parry and counter systems. For instance, players can now parry and counter almost every weapon. Not only that but both parry and counter are more effective than before.
>> There are no screenshots nor videos of the mod.

Why do i feel like if this mod said Starfield we would have someone saying how bad starfield is they couldnt even get combat right when mods had to fix it x_x ..

This is why i love PC gaming. We know when we have companys like CDPR or Beth etc that support modding we get mods that can fix our problems with their games. Always been the case when it comes to pc gaming, pretty shocking some people act like this new now...

In starfield pretty much everything i have visited have had something for me to do. Honestly im shocked as i thought reading some other people and reviews the game was going to be so empty except for like 5 or 6 planets.

But the is way more planets than that that has settlements on them and quest's and things to see and do. This game i can find myself enjoying for years and years more so than any beth game before.

Im like 30 hours in and i have not even scratched the surface of this game

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Just had my first Zero G experience and it was pretty cool. Everything works so good. Little things floating around you shoot them or push them they move the way they should, the way when you shoot it pushes you back its all pretty cool. Imo you can defo tell Interstellar and expanse had influence on the story and the game.

That Zero G thing was in this space casino, i just ran by it while doing a quest it was pretty cool. Someone had the great idea to open a zero G casino and bar lol worked out well . Not a main quest or anything like that just something i ran into while doing a quest. so many little things in this game and all anyone ever talks about is empty planets makes me lol . The is so much to do and see.

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green_sky said:

Apple claiming that keeping Lightning would have been better for the consumer and the environment; those are the two exact reasons the EU made this decision to begin with. Apple have been fleecing customers on chargers and adapters for years, and Lightning was one of the main culprits in the amount of electronic waste tossed away in the region. Wow. And the USB 2.0 speeds is just icing on the cake.

Mummelmann said:

Apple have been fleecing customers on chargers and adapters for years, and Lightning was one of the main culprits in the amount of electronic waste tossed away in the region.

Apple has always used USB-A chargers. You only needed a USB-A -> lightning cable (which was included) instead of an USB-A -> Mini-USB cable or USB-A -> Micro-USB cable or USB-A -> USB-C cable... not a big deal IMHO.

I used my iPad chargers for other devices and vice versa.

AMD releases graphics driver for “Lies of P”, RDNA dGPU support only

MLID: Nvidia are cutting funding for their Geforce Drivers
Nvidia: Releases Day 1 driver update for Lies of P all the way back to Maxwell GPUs that released in 2014
Radeon: No Game Ready driver for Polaris or Vega

Steam Deck’s SteamOS 3.5 preview update enables VRR/HDR for external monitors, undervolting, optimizations for Starfield

Intel Xe2 “Gen20” GPU architecture appears in Linux Mesa drivers patches

Looks like a lot of issues hasn't been fixed as it still stutters in a lot of areas. The performance has improved in Raster titles but Ray Tracing is still CPU limited even on high end CPUs but stuttering really makes it a deal breaker. Least they added in DLSS and it shows why so many people dislike FSR as it looks worse than even the Native + TAA in this game despite being AMD sponsored title.

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green_sky said:

Damn, well I wasnt going to get a new iPhone yet.

Hopefully it will be USB 3.0 in the 16 model.

Also hoping for 2 TB storage lol.

I know it's AMD that's been getting most of the blame for the recent DLSS "blockage", but looking at Moore's contacts, this feels more in line with how Nvidia is putting more and more focus on Ai/Data Cents (Also the bit where they talked about "drumming up Anti-AMD talks for clickbaiters to gobble up", has something to it).

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