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Forums - Sony Discussion - Mark Cerny killed it on Jimmy Fallon


Should Mark Cerny be the face of PlayStation 4?

Hell yeah, it's his baby! 194 70.80%
No, he's too geeky! 36 13.14%
(see results) 44 16.06%


He said '10x more powerful' (I'm sure people recalled Phil Spencer mistakenly saying 3x, ooops). Made a big point about supporting used games and not requiring an Internet connection. And explained the share button functionality so that everyone can understand without even showing it in action. That, my friends, is Mark Cerny.

Although Knack doesn't look like anything special, Fallon made it look very accessible by not totally sucking at it like he usually does, and the crowd seemed to enjoy it a lot. Cerny also didn't fail to mention the hardcore titles that are coming out, saying he made Knack just so there would be something for families. "Shooters are very important to us" he said, while explaining the difference in the new controller. I think they appealed to a lot of people even if just demoing Knack. Watch Dogs will be demoed next, and most likely on a PS4. (how will Fallon play that game? it almost looks like it needs two controllers)

And they were using the DS4. They didn't make it look like you needed your own arcade to play the console.

X1 on Fallon in case you missed it:

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cant see the videos!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to see it =P

EDIT: oh its working now

Cool! Knack looks awesome,ps4 looks awesome everything is awesome! :D

tagging for later

who's the member with that Mark Cerny signature? That shit makes me laugh everytime.

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This game got to be easy if Fallon was owning in it :D

Actually from this gameplay, it really looks like a spiritual successor to Crash, only from a different perspective. Maybe it looks a bit generic, and unappealing by todays standards, but I got a bit more excited about the game. Only thing that struck my attention negatively is, that it looked like it dropped a couple of frames, and the framerate wasn't very smooth. I hope it's only the youtube video, not the game itself, or that they will work it out for launch, it doesn't look very hardware demanding, save for those physical effects.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

I still think knack was a poor choice

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they should have showed drive club or killzone

they already did killzone on fallon back in february i seem to remember. Plus would of been weird forcerny not to show his own game

deadly2choke said:
they should have showed drive club or killzone

they've shown kz on this show before. DC would be pretty boring as a demo, fallon would really be reaching with the fake excitement and amazement.