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Forums - Sony Discussion - Mark Cerny killed it on Jimmy Fallon


Should Mark Cerny be the face of PlayStation 4?

Hell yeah, it's his baby! 194 70.80%
No, he's too geeky! 36 13.14%
(see results) 44 16.06%

Sony's marketing this generation is really taking advantage of MS mistake's he said the system was 10x more powerful than the ps3 wich clearly takes advantage of Spencer's mistake.
Seriosly sony that used game thing again ...

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That demo was actually pretty cool. First time I felt like that for knack.

people claped whne they said it can play used games and no 24 hour check in


Well, one thing is certain. Even the general gamers are somewhat informed of the DRM controversy.

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The audience seemed to cheer at the 'offline' announcement before Fallon could get the APPLAUSE sign to flash.

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he's kinda fruity.

dahuman said:
he's kinda fruity.

He is kinda queer... But he hasn't done me wrong on the Ps4 yet so he's A-okay in my book

theprof00 said:
who's the member with that Mark Cerny signature? That shit makes me laugh everytime.

LOL me too.  Tagging this for when I get home from work.  Thanks for sharing.

I agree, Mark Cerny did a great job and you could tell the audience was entertained by the demo. He's very unassuming and approachable and presented the PS4 as something accessible to both core gamers and those interested in family friendly products.

Still, I get that the technology is in the physics and the particles and am not questioning Cerny as a director/developer (I couldn't do better), but I'm just not all that impressed with Knack. Even with Pixar like graphics, the emptiness of the levels shown so far and the simplicity of the gameplay we've seen up till now makes me a little skeptical. Maybe this is not the game to be presented as a premier next generation experience...

Andrespetmonkey said:
tagging for later