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Forums - Sony Discussion - Mark Cerny killed it on Jimmy Fallon


Should Mark Cerny be the face of PlayStation 4?

Hell yeah, it's his baby! 194 70.80%
No, he's too geeky! 36 13.14%
(see results) 44 16.06%
9087 said:
I wanna buy Knack buy I have a feeling it will end up on PSN+

If you want it buy it. People are underestimating the title. It could be very good considering this guy's history, and if it's good the $ would encourage them to make a sequel. I pre-ordered the Knack PS4 bundle. Will get KZ and DriveClub separately.

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I don't think he killed it, I think Fallon killed it more than him. He was more laid back, reserved and kinda awkward really.

BinaryDelt said:
Max King of the Wild said:
BinaryDelt said:

I don't see how this is relevant.

you dont see how a post about cerny in a thread about cery is relevant.... ok.

I was saying don't see how the posts referring to Mark Cerny as "Fruity" or "Queer" were relevant to a conversation on how he demoed the PS4.  If you want me to be more blunt, I don't think they're appropriate terms given their typical insinuation.

well I think a dictionary will help you out there