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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Official Super Smash Bros. Brawl Thread

Yeah, we can do as many tourneys as we want...if you want to do an early tourney, I can't really stop you. I just know I'll be busy ALL day Sunday playing Brawl, by Monday night or sometime Tuesday I could play though.

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Still SORT of disappointed with the final roster, but I'm still looking forward to this game.

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What happened to the old thread?


damkira said:

What happened to the old thread?


 According to ioi it created an anomoly in the very fabric of VGChartz that caused it to devour all smaller threads.  If the old thread was not destroyed you and I could not even create these posts.  ioi has saved us and VGChartz once again.  Praise be to ioi.

 Seriously....the thread was so big it was causing bandwidth problems.

 Congrats, BenKenobi.

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Even if Ben doesn't do it and is too busy playing, I'll be hosting a Day After Release tournament, so you'll have some time to screw around, but not much. We'll start registration for that tournament a couple days before release.

I'm game for all Tournaments, I wish there was a bet system on VGC where we could bet our VG$ then tournament results would give a % to each place like 50% to first 25% to second 15% to third and 5% each to forth and fifth. Might be a good idea for hosting tournaments with any game on VGC, have a mod be over the tournament and then take and give VG$ accordingly.

I could set some tournaments up myself or look into a site maybe, who knows if anyone got ideas they can PM me I'm really into making stuff like that, I was also thinking of Team Speak and IRC.

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I love this game, because is te best figthing franchise in the world, and the most interest gener in me.
PD: I miss the old thread

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Brawl is getting more negative reviews than positives on GameFAQs
which is quite unusual for a smash brothers or a game that famitsu gave a perfect score


what multiple people say in some of those reviews
is that brawl has evolved more into a party game than a fighting game