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outlawauron said:
nanzano said:

Toukiden Kiwami will  definitely sell better than SS Delta!

Considering Toukiden was way more popular than the original SS, I'd hope so!

I'll get it when it will come here(hopefully)


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This will be interesting in a little more than a week, tagging again

Great Last Day! Now we await for Youkai Watch 2 massive launch!

Good Day for SSB! 1point at a time :p

Come on smash bros you can do it. One point at a time!

Can our beautiful witch show up tomorrow or in the next 9 days? I hope so.

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A quick question, do people walk into COMG to preorder games?

Yokai is in the house!


So come tomorrow there will only be one game above 100 points and two (or three) above 25 points total?

This must be verging on a new low


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Congrats Youkai Watch! Now everybody.... Predict First Week Sales! Im going to say 1.15mil!

Also Its the 3rd best 3DS game pre ordered on COMG!

Top 5

3872 ●Monster Hunter 4 
2136 ●Pokemon XY
1430 ●Youkai Watch 2
1290 ●Monster Hunter 3G
836 ●Puzzle and Dragons Z