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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is your most hated part of your favorite game?

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Wall jumps in Super Metroid, Ezhorden boss fight in Shadow Over Mystara, random animations for basic attacks in Seiken Densetsu 3 and Secret of Mana, not having all the single player tracks available for multiplayer in Micromachines 2, blue shells in Mario Kart games.

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Training to gain EXP   in    Valkyrie Profile 2    => tooooo  long

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There isn't really anything I hate in any of my favourite games except when they try to put in stealth missions.

I.E. Ocarina of Time, getting to Princess Zelda the first time in Hyrule Castle, if you get spotted... START AGAIN!

On a side note, in Chrono Trigger, FOR GODS' SAKE take Ayla with you when you're on the Blackbird, and GO FOR YOUR WEAPONS FIRST.

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Xenogears (The greatest game of all time)- The god damn sewers is the reason I hate ALL sewer/aqueduct levels in games.

Also, the beginning of Babel Tower. "Oh you're platform jumping? Take this random battle just as you hit the X button that somehow stops you from jumping, but you still advance forward off the platform. Start back at the bottom, bitch."

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