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Forums - Sony Discussion - development of GoW: A (may or may not) have cost 50 million $

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kowenicki said:
binary solo said:
Nsanity said:
binary solo said:
If the game cost $50 million to produce, then factoring in marketing costs this game needs to sell ~1.2 million at full price to turn a profit.

The Super Bowl advertisment alone was probably a few million.

Yep 1.2 million @ full price = $72 million. I figure around $20 million marketing, 10% of the marketing budget on Superbowl sounds about right.

retailers sell it for free? 

That's the $2 million. Don't retailers get screwed on new games?

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Too expensive...

I don't think it was worth the advertising push that they spent on it, nor do I think the quality/ambitions of the game match a 50m project (even thoug the grafix are gorgeous). But I guess if that includes marketing then we're looking at 35m, which I think is about right.

GoW 3 costed 48 million, and they built the engine and most of the tech required for the ps3. no way in hell this costed 50 million

seems too high than the ideal cost which should be somewhere around 35-40m at maximum.

No chance.

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"Medium sized double digit amount of millions" could mean anything, really.

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No not a chance. God of War 3 costed about 35-40M to pruduce. If one thing is almost confirmed than its that it was cheaper to produce

why ?

1. the engine alreade exists- the dont huild the game from the ground like they did with God of War 3
2. a lot of recycling ( recycling enemys, recycling animations etc)
3. less dialogue and less cut scenes ( means sless actors to pay)
4. a lot of standard fights which took a lot of time from the game (satyr standard enemy)

Thats the problem with modern journalism. The really dont know nothing but yet they cant shut up there mouth.

Bioshock Infinites 200 M cost to pruduce say hello. Thats a prime example of bad journalism. Even the game director himself siad that this statement was full of bullshit.

As everyone else already mentioned, no way it's $50 million and the article provides no proof to confirm it either. It can't cost more to produce than GOW 3 when they already have all the tools, engine, reused models just no chance.

I would think medium is rather around $30m. $50m is too high for "medium"

pezus said:
I would think medium is rather around $30m. $50m is too high for "medium"

Yeah, $50m would be medium if you were talking about super expensive games like Skyrim or Grand theft auto, but medium for most games would be $30m.