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Forums - Website Topics - Aw, they banned Kwaad

Kwaad will be back in a week. He certainly overstepped his boundaries frequently, and while his first banning wasn't appropriate, I'll be the first to admit that I was too lenient on him recently. Hopefully this week long ban will knock some civility in to him.

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Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

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I dont think it will stof, and i dont agree his first ban wasnt appropriate, but as i myself stated, even 2nd ban, shouldnt be permanent (unless egregious behaviour is the reason for it)

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i am back!!!! (now that hus is gone. ) but kwaad ain't that bad. sometimes all of a sudden he just acts sarcastic and make stupid arguments. otherwise, his other arguments are of value for discussion. i enjoy making discussion and conversation with him at times.

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I hope that when kwaad returns, he starts make posts that are not flaming. Just as some people said in this thread, kwaad has pretty good arguments, but when you counter them, he starts flaming and ignoring most of the counter arguments. I think his How Nintendo -thread was one of the best examples that how he flames in the forum. He earned his ban, but i hope he doesn't earn himself a permanent ban in the future.

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i think the blame isn't entirely on kwaad, he does take a fair bit of abuse. i don't know what caused the ban this time (not gonna bother digging through the threads), but in the past a lot of times people misunderstand his sense of humor and start bashing him for being kwaad... and when kwaad fights back, the trouble starts. the last time he got banned i agree it didn't look all that bad.

kwaad needs to tone it down a little but it'll be a great loss to vgcharts if kwaad gets banned forever.


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EagleHD said:
Yeah I,m with you. Kwaad proped up the boards. This place will just be a Wii-fest and a shoulder patting session without him.

I'll still contribute to the Sony side of things. Bring on the mob.

I think some of the Sony fanboys give all the Sony fanboys a really bad reputation. I don't know why, but for whatever reason the bad Sony fanboys seem to be extremely rude. 360 fanboys tend to be low key. Nintendo fanboys can be annoying but not verbally abusive. Maybe because the Sony crowd tends to be teen males? That would be my only explanation.

I don't want Kwaad banned for good, but as long as ioi explains to him why he was banned legitimately and that he needs to behave when he comes back that is good, he is a valuable member of this site I believe, but the ban at the moment is legitimate and should stay.



seriously though,kwaad didnt seem to be as bad as hus.

 Besides not bringing anything  to the table, other than trying to rub ppl the wrong way, Hus was the most flamboyant troll around. he had absolutely no self awareness of what he was doing. and might i add an intellect of a 4 year old.

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I agree with weezy. Kwaad is better than Hus. I miss Kwaad. Sometimes we need someone to argue to make this forum more interesting. It's weird not to see the green elf put comment on each topic.