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Forums - Website Topics - Aw, they banned Kwaad

Was Kwaad simply banned for being a fanboy and starting threads just to get a the Wii?

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i agree with you john, kwaad isn't that bad really, Hus is the one terrorising everything that's not made by sony.

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I haven't been here that long, but he didn't seem mean or offensive to anyone, and he certainly didn't go out of his way to flame anyone.

There was two sides to Kwaad, one where he was reasonable in arguing his point, and an other where he did cross the line just to tick people off. Personally the only thing that annoyed me about Kwaad was he always engineered his argument to an unreasonable degree in his favor. For example talking about Nintendo ruining the industry with a lack of deep games. And when it was argued that Zelda was a deep game, he simply exclaimed that he felt Zelda was not deep. Even if you didn't like it, come on, TP was the longest and deepest adventure in the best selling action rpg series of all time, you can just lump it in with Wii Sports as a casual short game. But I'm not getting into that argument just pointing at how one sided he was at times. Hus was definitly more of a problem, he's down right insulting to alot of people that simply gave him respectful answers. I think everyone on this website has been called ignorant by him. Or a kiddie fan. It's like we are here to have enjoyable constructive conversations, not to be insulted.


Either way I'm not longer weighing in on mods descisions, they get hammered either way for there work and that's not fair. Bans don't last forever, at least not the first one, so consider these people warned.

Hus is permabanned, he added nothing to the site.

Kwaad is banned for a week. He adds some good discussion from time to time then ruins it by starting stupid threads with just one aim and generally going out of his way to wind people up. This isn't acceptable. I have given him a number of chances and he keeps putting his foot in it again. I haven't banned him for one specific act just the general annoyance he brings to the forum despite repeated warnings.


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I try to like Kwaad, but he just makes it so damn hard.  One moment, you can have a decent, rational discussion with him and then the next, he's twisting facts and perverting logic.

 Hus on the other hand, rot in ban hell.

Phalanx said:

I try to like Kwaad, but he just makes it so damn hard. One moment, you can have a decent, rational discussion with him and then the next, he's twisting facts and perverting logic.

Hus on the other hand, rot in ban hell.

 Lol, this pretty much sums it up.  This thread can now be locked.

I hate trolls.

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Yeah, Hus was just a straight-up troll, but Kwaad could be kinda acceptable when he was using real logic instead of baseless nonsense.

However, as a former moderator at a site far, far worse than this (in terms of troll:user ratio), I approve of the mods' decisions.

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This was all ioi, but I agree with it.  I was surprised to see him banned, considering he had just made a couple reasonable posts, but he does also mess things up a lot...a week ban is fine with me.

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johnlucas said:

You guys didn't have to ban Kwaad. He was like a Cheers regular. I'm gonna miss the guy. Can you give him one more chance? But folks don't get sucked into his obvious "S" disturbing. Just put down a reasonable reply and move on.Like I said we gotta remember some of us posters here are children & teenagers. They might not have the experience to know how to discuss civilly. We have to teach them this. (Well Kwaad was low 20 something but that's college age so it still sort of applies)

Free James Brown?

Free Kwaad. Who's with me?

Seriously, just give him another chance. It's just not the same without the green elf.

John Lucas

John, just a little background here.


Kwaad was banned a month ago, when he was, just like now, partially contributing, but partially making threads to incite flames (IE Trolling) and then IN said threads, admitting he made those threads in order to "conduct an experiment".

 This time around, i have issue with his How Nintendo, thread. It is Patently obvious he started it in jest, in order to start another flamewar, and then on Page (2 i think) he makes 2 posts, stating "When i was younger i used to start fires" and "I love starting Fires" indicating he KNEW that the thread he had started, was for nothing more than to Fan the Flames, so to speak.

Thjis SHOULD be his second strike, and in MY opinion, his negative contributions, far outweigh the meagre positive he throws in as token contributions only.

 Kwaad has an agenda here, and we are allowing him to further it.

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