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Forums - Website Topics - Aw, they banned Kwaad

I found him amusing and intresting somewhat. Perhaps he didnt go about things properly, but he sparked discussion of the more finer points of each system. I just glaze over the short pure troll comments he does for his multiple paragraph one's. Basically his thinking side vs emotional side. I think he is basically trying to debate people into his point of view, and just gets frustrated in the attempt alot.


definately weird not having him comment on everything too.  I mean with that many posts, some are bound to be trollish, during emotional times. 

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Its not so much that anyone disliked Kwaad, as it was he caused enough issues to have him go away for awhile. When he posts 50 times in one flame-war thread defending the PS3 against any oncomers, it becomes an issue. If he's posting once or twice in a thread, it's fine. The issue is he had decent sales info in the sales sections about data, but very poor choices when it came to game issues (far too pro-PS3 there). Hopefully the week ban will make him realize that he loves this forum, and needs to straighten up a little bit more. I am rather pro-360, but as far as I know, I've never really got anywhere close to becoming an issue with anyone. Why? I never really resort to flaming, name calling, and just crazy posts with no substantiated ideas. Kwaad has a mixed bag. He can certainly be the best contributor here if he learns to purge the rest of the washimul-isims from his system.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

True, I admit Hus was much worse... Kwaad can do some interesting posts sometimes.

ssj12 said:
Legend11 said:
If he was a Wii fanboy he wouldn't have been banned.

 probably not... I realized this site is practically all xbots and ninis.

You know what F U quantum-tarantino its true even though i don't post alot i've been on this site forever and i know for a fact that all there is is xbots and Wiiners and if theres a ps3 fanboy i'm sure he'll get banned soon. Why the hell does everybody hate the ps3 why can't people be fair like staticneuron. God jeez i'm sorry to everyone for language but i mean sometimes i get so angry at 360 fanboys. So sorry for people who are actually fair.

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And yes I like KH.

My two cents The guy does bring some bal;ance as a Sony fan who post regularly, but he is so biased he rarly see the other side of the argument. He'll defend his case to the death, even when we all know it's wrong. H even makes topics as flame bait. If he was less biases then I'm all for him. But I expect he'll just come back and rant and rave.

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Glad you did this. Makes the forum feel less like gamespot system wars. Which is a really bad videogame forum. There has to be 3 strike program here. If you write anything degrading about another system, like 'ps3 sucks', 'xbox 360 only has shooters' or 'wii is kiddie', I personally believe that these are bannable remarks, due to them only bringing trollish behavior, and flamebait to this forum.

ioi said:
Kwaad has been banned for a week and when he's back we are operating a one strike and you're out system. No more second chances, he keeps crossing the line and keeps plunging the forum into chaos and I don't want it any more. Ok?

I actuly agree this time, to many flame wars threads. How Nintendo was the last one.



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You're too forgiving moderators and ioi. He obviously didn't learn the first time, so why even GIVE him another chance when we all know it'll just repeat and come down to this again, but this time with a permanent ban. Save regular viewers like me the time, and just do away with him.

I feel weird talking about Kwaad behind his back (well he can still lurk, I guess). I think that bans shouldn't be up for speculation or anything like that. The mods should just do their business, keep the banned person's business private, and move on. That's just my opinion.

ioi said:

Hus is permabanned, he added nothing to the site.

Kwaad is banned for a week. He adds some good discussion from time to time then ruins it by starting stupid threads with just one aim and generally going out of his way to wind people up. This isn't acceptable. I have given him a number of chances and he keeps putting his foot in it again. I haven't banned him for one specific act just the general annoyance he brings to the forum despite repeated warnings.


I agree!! Not fair to compare Kwaad to Hus, hes nothing like him.