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Forums - Movies Discussion - VOTE FOR YOU FAVORITE MOVIE OF THIS SUMMER IN THE POLL *Official Top 16 movies of Summer 2013 (May to August 2K13)*


Which of these Summer of 2013 movies do you like?

Apartment 1303 3D 7 10.29%
Percy Jackson & The O... 3 4.41%
Elysium 7 10.29%
R.E.D. 2 0 0%
Kick Ass 2 8 11.76%
This is the End 4 5.88%
2 Guns 0 0%
Peeples 0 0%
Fast & Furious 6 9 13.24%
See results 30 44.12%

I know Hangover 3 premiere as early as 10 pm on Wednesday night.

So if you have seen Hangover 3, then please post what you thought of the movie.

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I do not know for you but I prefer The Hangover part 2 than 1. But love them both. Can't wait for 3...

WebMasterFlex said:
I do not know for you but I prefer The Hangover part 2 than 1. But love them both. Can't wait for 3...

I never liked 1.

I haven't seen 2 but it looks like I would like it.

3 seems like it will be good too.

If you have seen Epic in 2D, then please post here. But if you have seen Epic in 3D then please post on this other Thread:



its got to be Pacific Rim.

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foodfather said:
its got to be Pacific Rim.

Pacific Rim 3D will be an awesome 3D movie.


So I'm guessing that next year (2K14) you are going to watch.....GODZILLA...3d, huh?

It's a new Godzilla movie entirely with a lot of work down on the script a million times over to ensure great quality and actual perfection & etc. And they had spend so many years making the script to the new Godzilla movie, which is also in 3D!


Any other 3D Movies of 2013 that you are looking forward to besides Pacific Rim?

I have written a tiny review of Epic 3D, NO Spoilers of course. On this thread:

mandijames said:
There are plenty of good flicks! Cant trust Superman since there has not been a good one since superman 2 and a few parts of 3..

Iron mann3, besides the lame ass 80's villain, is at top of my list.

Have you seen the Richard Donner version of Superman II?  He was the orginal director and shot most of the movie.  The exec had a problem and replaced him with somone, that well, I recomend seeing the Donner version.

Here is some more info about it:


Really not sure I see any point of Consol over PC's since Kinect, Wii and other alternative ways to play have been abandoned. 

Top 50 'most fun' game list coming soon!


Tell me a funny joke!

I have updated the OP and added "The Heat" to the bottom of the OP.

I have written a brief review of Star Trek Into Darkness 3D on this thread below on page 21: