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SvennoJ said:
Kaizar said:

I updated the OP and added "Elysium" to the bottom of the OP, and I fixed the date for World War Z as diffenite June 21 (sorry I didn't notice earlier to fix that LOL).


Anyways I think Elysium might be the best 2D only movie of 2013, so move over Kick Ass 2 & Oblivion & This is the End & The World's End & the Lone Ranger.

I'm confused about Elysium now. I know Neil Blomkamp said in an interview he prefers 2D over 3D, and also feels hi-res (and hfr) separates him from the movie, yet that the movie is mastered in 4K seems accurate already.
Next to the 4K trailer there is a 3D trailer for Elysium and it's promoted for IMAX 3D on

What's going on with this movie.

That's what I like to know.

Because I have started seeing posters for this movie when I go outdoors, and it just says "IMAX"

It doesn't say IMAX 3D.


I guess we just have to wait to be sure.

Maybe they are converting it, but aren't sure if they can finish the conversion on time.

At the end, I'm just as clueless as anyone else who didn't work on this movie LOL.