Forums - Gaming Discussion - Name 5 remakes you want to see

FF4 (not that DS atrocity)
Star Ocean 2
Ys 5
Madou Monogatari

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Metal Gear Solid

Halo 2

Jet Gemini (Or make a 2nd one)

Conker's Live & Reloaded (Or just make a 2nd one)

Banjo & Kazooie (or just make a 3rd one)

Really can't think of five at the moment. I'm happy with the games that I'm currently playing.

Super Mario RPG for 3DS!

Cant think of others?

I should point out that I do mean Metal Gear not Metal Gear Solid.

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not including mgs1 and re1 cause replayed there superior versions on GC

RE 2
max payne
silent hill 2


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Mario 64
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 4
GTA Vice City

Most of the games I want a remake of have already been said....

Super Mario RPG
Mischief Makers
Crash 3: Warped
Spyro the Drago
Halo 2 (I made a promise that if this were released, I'd play through every game. So I'm actually looking forward to it).

Xenogears (perhaps now disc 2 can be properly finished)
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy VI-IX
Legend of Legaia

- Final Fantasy VI - On console, not handheld, please. With 3d graphics, not updated sprites. This one is my favourite in the series, screw FF VII. VI is where it's at! I'd be trilled to play that game remade with today's tech.

- Shenmue - The entire saga on one game disc would be great, but at this point in time, I doubt we'll ever see the end of that story... Curse you, Sega)

- The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - I'd be interested in seeing how this one could translate into 3D. I loved the universe of this one more than any other titles in the series.

- Maniac Mansion - This series is long overdue for a comeback. I'd like it if they remade the original, in 3D with analog controls and 3D exploration. The possibilities to improve this one are nearly limitless.

- Super Metroid - I'm including this one just because it's my favourite game of all time. The game isn't really in need of a remake as far as gameplay is concerned. But a new coat of paint and better samples for its soundtrack could possibly give the game a second life, with a new generation of gamers.