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Team Gaming Paradise: We are ALL


<p>★<a href="thread.php?id=156019" target="_blank"><span style="color: #ff2200 !important;">Team Gaming Paradise: We are <strong>ALL</strong></span></a>★</p>

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BasilZero said:
sales2099 said:
Euphoria14 said:
sales2099 said:
Looking for idiots? Why would you ask such a thing?


The hell is a idort

Perfect XD

Sign me up as well buddy. I am definitely apart of Team, spends way too much money buying every console, Games. But I am not apart of Team, spends a fortune keeping up a high end, PC. (I am a couch/bed gamer.)

axumblade said:
I tend to game either on Nintendo or Sony consoles but I also like PC gaming too. I like my 360 but I don't have many games for it though admittedly. :/

Do I add you to the list? :B

ill be buying a new PC this week which will mean i will have more than one platform to play games on (finally) and that would enable me to be better positioned to enter this group, but there are just some games on other platforms that i scoff at how ridicules they seem, and the problem people actually call them quality tittles, anyways my point is i think im better suited for the team im already in. though this probably will be the best "team"

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Sure, why not?


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Count me in.

Both of you added!

Hi, i would like to join this team please

If anyone is interested, I made a small sig image for myself, but anyone can use it if they want.

Nothing special. I just don't want to fill up my sig with giant pictures so I'm going to be making small ones.


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