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Forums - General Discussion - Mafia Round 53 - Touhou

Mafia Round 53 (58) - Touhou

( Killed | Lynched | Modkilled/Replaced )
zero129 hatz trucks --- Town Yukari Yakumo Vanilla
Truckosaurus hatz linkz DT Mafia Flandre Scarlet Godfather
radishhead hatz linkz no vote Town Youmu Konpaku Mason
linkzmax no vote no vote --- Town Marisa Kirisame Vanilla
spurgeonryan  was replaced by hatmoza Town Reimu Hakurei Cop
supermario128 hatz linkz DT Mafia Kogasa Tatara Roleblocker
theprof00 hatz trucks --- Town Satori Komeiji Watcher
Final-Fan no vote no vote DT Town Nazrin Vanilla
DarkThanatos no vote linkz trucks Town Cirno Idiot
NoCtiS_NoX mdj no vote --- Town Eirin Yagokoro Doctor
Nachomamma8 mario --- --- Town Aya Shameimaru Tracker
yoshiya hatz linkz no vote Town Yuyuko Saigyouji Mason
marcusdjackson hatz linkz DT Mafia Rumia Rolecop/Ninja
14 hatmoza prof --- --- replaced spurgeonryan

- For a time-limit at least 33% of the players will have to vote for it. The limit will be set @ 24h from the time the last vote was cast, this needs no extra confirmation by me.
- The following voting-formatings will be accepted (unbolded is also accepted):

VOTE: Player
Vote: Player
VOTE Player
Vote Player

- The day will end if one person has accumulated more than 50% of the votes, or if a time-limit has run out, if a timelimit is reached the person with the most votes will be lynched, in case more than one person is in lead the tie-braker, that can be found at the end of this post applies. Twilight will last for a minimum of 15 minutes after I posted the final votals, there is absolutely no night talk, check the thread before you post if you are at risk of posting at night (refresh), however it is allowed to tag the thread with a "tagged"-post containing nothing else but the word "tagged" at night.
- Due to the length of Day 1 a generous standard time-limit of 168 hours has been set for the day, this can be expanded to 192 hours in a similar fashion to indroducing a shorter time-limit. Also, nights have been limited to 48 hours.
- If not mentioned otherwise, general rules of VGC mafia apply.

Players got apart from non-structured information (if any) a basic Name - Rolename - Role statement, e.g.:

Stefl1504 - Nitori - Vanilla

Well, anyway, I excuse myself for the lack of flavour for some of the PMs and the game itself, but I wanted to get the game up at the promised time and I had some issues with frikking windows 8 on my PC (it broke because I installed a new driver for the gfx card... but anyway, who is interested in this stuff? no one?). Let me start the game in the next post. PMs should be heading out soon.

Feel free to ask me any questions via PM.


lets assume we have the following situation at the end of a time limit for a day:(10 players alive)

  L-5 L-4 L-3 L-2 L-1 Lynch
Player Y

Player X

Player Z Youmu Y X      
Paul Rumia          

To find out which players will be lynched, there will be a made seperate votals, including only the people that are tied. The votes of the vote-leaders will be discarded. The reduced votals would look like this:

Vote 1
Vote 2
Vote 3
Player Y
Player X

Player Z

In this case, Player Y would be lynched. If after the application of the tie-breaker there still is a tie, the day will end in a no lynch.

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Let the game begin:

Start Day 1


also all them PMs are sent out~

Day 1


Player L-6 L-5 L-4 L-3 L-2 L-1 Lynch

supermario128 nacho

marcusdjackson  noctis



no lynch



theprof00 hatz

hatmoza (spurgeonryan) prof yoshiya  zero  mdj mario
 tos  radish

Vote History:

DT votes Yoshi > linkz votes mario > nacho votes mario > zero votes MDJ > linkz unvotes mario > FF votes MDJ > MDJ votes zero > MDJ unvotes zero > MDJ votes zero > mario votes radish > (missed radish's no lynch vote somewhere) > nacho votes FF > spurge votes radish > radish votes linkz > prof votes spurge > FF unvotes MDJ > DT unvotes yoshiya > spurge votes linkz > spurge votes prof > radish votes spurge > hatmoza replaces spurge > spurges vote was removed due to him being replaced by hatmoza > MDJ votes DT > radish votes mario > linkz votes hatmoza (spurge) > mario votes hatmoza (spurge) > noctis votes radish > MDJ unvotes DT > nacho votes hatmoza (spurge) > MDJ votes linkz > MDJ votes hatmoza (spurge) > prof unvotes hatmoza (spurge) > MDJ unvotes hatmoza (spurge) > prof votes hatmoza (spurge) > zero votes hatmoza (spurge) > hatmoza votes prof > linkz unvotes hatmoza (spurge) > yoshiya votes hatmoza (spurge) > noctis votes MDJ > nacho unvotes hatmoza (spurge) > MDJ votes Final-Fan > nacho votes mario > zero unvotes hatmoza (spurge) > mario unvotes hatmoza (spurge) > zero votes hatmoza (spurge) > MDJ votes hatmoza (spurge) > mario votes hatmoza (spurge) > tos votes hatmoza (spurge) > radish votes hatmoza (spurge)

I would end up being the one character that always beat me in game haha. Still, maybe that's a good sign since it shows I am near enough invincible ^^

Yoshi, if I note you down as town is that going to upset you?

Linkzmax said:
Yoshi, if I note you down as town is that going to upset you?

Don't see how anyone could ever be upset by that O.o

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It's not too hard to imagine. One could take an early "town read" with very little to go off of as being a scum tell.

Zero, are you upset if Yoshi is town?

Technically, I never said I think he is town. Though I will say now that I have that impression, or that he's a Godfather.

As for why, I'd rather not say at this point. Why do you ask?

Which is it? Are you ready for action, or is it too early to make reads?

Linkzmax 5 scum