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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo willing to help bring over third party 3DS titles overseas

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Soriku said:
Great news. Bravely Default plz.

I recommend putting this part in the title too btw:

"Iwata says that third-party developers in Japan are assigning their top teams to develop big games for the 3DS."

We kinda already knew that. Capcom (MonHun, Resi), Square (KH, DQ, BD), Atlus (SMT), Level-5 (Layton), Konami (Castlevania), etc. I don't think Iwata was making some kind of tease toward unannounced titles, I think he was just explaining the current situation.

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To Bravely Default: I recently streetpassed a japanese 3DS playing Bravely Default. Grr, I want that too.

Also, please please bring Etrian Odyssey to Europe. Please.

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