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I think achievements are superfluous, and one of many things wrong with the video game industry at the moment.

However, many people seem to adore them and will even purchase games for a particular system in order to raise their gamer score or trophy count. So with that in mind, Nintendo made a mistake not including them. But it's a business mistake, not a mistake of philosophy.

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Nintendo's saving them for next gen.

Maybe they should make an accomplishment system a la super mario bros :
- 1 star when you complete the game.
- 1 star when you unlock all the hidden levels and so on up to 5 stars when you do everything in the game.

But we must first concentrate ourselves on the way to entertain people, for video games to live. Else, it's a world where sales representative will win, which has as effect to kill creativity. I want to say to the creators all around the world:"Courage, Dare!". Shigeru Miyamoto.

What did Iwata say? They didn't want the traditional online platform, therefore they won't add achievement/trophies because it has already been done.

Ach/trophies are the reason why I keep playing certain games after finishing them, getting more bang for my buck.

I just don't think the argument that they are unnecessary is valid, since people who don't like them can just ignore the achievement system. But if there is no system at all, people who like them are dissapointed. But i think Nintendo has a lot to do with the whole account system, so users can personalize their accounts more. And that would best include some kind of achievement system. Don't be so stubborn Nintendo! :-O

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I usually trust Nintendo but this was a mistake. A chance to start new would have been greatly appreciated. If there were Achievements, I'd be playing games right now instead of browsing the web with my Wii U.

mZuzek loves Smeags. 😢

It seems to me that achievements are popular mostly in the west, which is why Nintendo overlooked it.
Personally, I don't care too much... Most games I play, I never notice when I unlock achievements... I also think a lot of the achievements are ridiculously dumb (You threw a grenade! Wow!) ... so personally, I get no incentive to play games when achievements are involved.

But I can see why they should've been included to draw the 360/ps3 crowd in more. Ah... well.

KylieDog said:
RenderMonk said:
It'd also like to see the Wii U have achievements of some kind. I know that Nintendo believes that they cheapen the gameplay though. And it's just too "American" for them. Don't see them making it a mandatory thing, although they really should. It does beg the question though.....if the have been quoted as saying they won't make them mandatory, but they will allow them, then there has to be some sort of system in place for them. Sure they can copy the achievement/trophy lists from Microsoft/Sony, but what will they be called, how will they be tracked, and in what form will they appear and where.

So one way or another they will be coming. Then once they start, I don't see them backing away from them. So if we see them at all on the Wii U, eventually they will be as common place as they are on the other two systems. Wonder what date/game will kick off the show?

When they say they will let developers choose, they really mean there is no system of any kind and it cannot be tracked or seen by others in any way whatsoever.  Up to the dev means the dev need create there own system, most do not bother.

Miiverse. You end up making a forum-post for every in-game achievement you can, if the game supports it.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

i'm ashamed to say that i am a trophy whore. So obviously achievements are important to alot of people.

Without Achievements the Wii-U is DOOMED!