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Forums - Music Discussion - To those who buy music: Why?

I do not download any music. They put their music on youtube anyways.

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i don't care how much a musician has, he makes his music to get money from everyone who wants to listen to it so i give it to him when i want to listen to it and if he decides to go to sony music then yes, i live with it that they get also a big part of the money, as simple as that (if it is music i would buy without the possibility to get it for free). since i am not too young i remember the time when everyone bought his music and i think i can very good differentiate between the music i wouldn't have bought in the past and which i would have bought in the past and that's how i decide nowadays.

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ps3-sales! said:

Honestly. Why do you buy music when you can download all the music you could ever listen to in your life, for free. I've never understood this. You say it's morally wrong. Well, if I have to be morally wrong and have money for food and other essentials then that's fine. You say it doesn't support the artists. You mean the artists that already have millions??? It's one thing to support an indie artist getting up on their feet, but if you want to listen to say, Lada Gaga. Why buy it? She has plenty of money, and most citizens do not. 

What are your thoughts on downloading music for free. Do you think it's wrong? If so, do you do it anyway?

My main thought: I download all my music for free with some exceptions. If I really respect a certain artist I will hand them my money. Some recent examples are the Journey and Unfinished Swan Soundtracks that I purchased through Itunes. Amazing stuff.

I am probably part of the last generation that actually buys music physically. I do so for a two reasons:

1. There is something really pleasant about owning a CD or Vinyl physically. You have the cover art, you have the box on your shelf and you won't lose it in the event of your laptop being broken or your I-device being stolen. There (may have been - disclaimer) occasions when I dl'd something naughtily but liked it so much I wanted to own the physical item and support the artist, went out and bought the thing. In short some of us like to collect physical things rather than data.

2. There is a lot of music out there that you cannot find downloadable for free - believe me I've tried.

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badgenome said:
Because I don't listen to stupid shit like Lady Gaga, and the artists I do listen to deserve the money.


and the artist that I spend money on , get the money directly.

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Majora said:
I love having a CD collection, a record collection. I love reading the album inserts. I love the whole "ritual" of CD's - I find it really motivating to put on an album whilst doing the housework. I love choosing a CD from my collection before lighting a candle and just laying down and listening. For me, it's the entire experience. And I don't want my whole life to be based around my damn iPhone!

Same with me. A lot of the music I own is either instrumental music or music with nature sounds. I own a whole collection of 300+ nature music CDs (same brand) that I bought. I always got a joy out of them whenever I found one.

Along with its sibling sites:

I got a whole selection a few weeks ago off iTunes, but I had to look up the album artists' names on iTunes to find the albums that I wanted. For the nature ones, search "Dan Gibson's Solitudes", but not all of the Solitudes albums are on iTunes yet. I do have a rare and discontinued one I ordered on Amazon (Nature's Spa: Classical Bliss) that's on neither iTunes or their own websites, along with a sampler album that has selections of just the first 12 nature sound only albums.

You can also find these CDs at the Hallmark stores, Bed Bath & Beyond, museums, aquariums, Target (has LifeScapes), Kohl's, even Busch Gardens! I was at Busch Gardens this past October and they had those CDs EVERYWHERE in the park. Why, in the Ireland section they were playing my favorite Celtic Solitudes CD, Gentle World: Celtic Reverie.

My favorite song on that CD is Lissadell And I have 372 of these kinds of albums on my phone consisting of Solitudes, Avalon Music, Reflections, and LifeScapes

1.) I enjoy using iTunes.
2.) In my opinion the artist I listen to deserve the money.
3.) I don't use my own money to buy the music.

I also think it's wrong to download music for free, but many people don't care.

I still like the boxart of CD's and little booklets too. My cds work anywhere I want and don't require charging :)
I also like to buy music on blu-ray, concert videos in dts-hd ma.

But I do also download music on ps3youtube once in a while.

If I like the music, I'd most likely buy it, I'm not a poor college kid or a minor anymore.

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