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Forums - Music Discussion - To those who buy music: Why?

badgenome said:
ps3-sales! said:

I don't listen to mainstream music at all I was using her as an example. She's already rich so why buy the album when you can just download it.

Moreover, why even download it when it's shit?

You sir, are giving me a good laugh. 

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I do both. My own standard is something along the lines of, "would I buy this if I couldn't download it for free?" If yes, then I usually buy it. If no, then I have little problem downloading it. In that situation, there is no "victim".

And yes, there are instances where I really want to support the artists themselves, like when I bought some RJD2 songs I already had, or Jaymay's entire album (rare for me). A lot of what I download is live stuff that has no official release, which doesn't bother me. On the other side of the coin, I don't really want to support Kanye West, so I don't mind downloading his music, or the music of someone deceased.

From what I've seen on various documentaries and such (and I'm trying to remember so if I get something wrong, blame my head and not my heart), when an artist is signed, they get a loan of sorts. Then, all of the promotions and outfits and everything come from the promise of record sales. If the album sales, then it's all good. If the album flops, or doesn't make enough to cover cost, the artist could be #1 on Billboard and still broke. Bad record deals make the company rich and the artist suffers. That's why the real money is in concerts.

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You do realize they only put out records to make money? If everyone downloaded Lady Gaga's albums for free she probably wouldn't do music anymore.

But anyhow, i don't download music for free, i usually purchase digital content when it comes to music. I don't criticize people for doing it though. Some artists wouldn't be recognized at all if it weren't for free downloads.

What? is this a joke thread?

You sir are a very selfish and unconscious person.
My main reason to buy CDs is because its worth it

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ps3-sales! said:

You say it doesn't support the artists. You mean the artists that already have millions???

I'll gladly give money to an artist that managed to touch/entertain me with his/her work, no matter how much money that person already has.

I love having a CD collection, a record collection. I love reading the album inserts. I love the whole "ritual" of CD's - I find it really motivating to put on an album whilst doing the housework. I love choosing a CD from my collection before lighting a candle and just laying down and listening. For me, it's the entire experience. And I don't want my whole life to be based around my damn iPhone!

I pirate everything but games, mainly because games are a bit of a hassle and I prefer gaming on a console and owning physical copies.

I dont buy or download music. I whistle!

I think its because I'm not a thief and I think people deserve a reward for their efforts.

You are a thief and don't give a shit about the peoples efforts.

Quite simple.

I used to buy Albums and CD's... I never walked into a store and stole them. I now buy my music downloads and subscribe to Spotify.

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