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smash bros will sell more in japan next week

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Devil May Cry 4 since the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 combined will sell better the first week, but Super Smash Bros Brawl will sell more in lifetime this is because the Wii games tends to have long legs.

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Comparing their predisecesors Brawl will sell better.


The installed base alone will ensure that SSBB outsells DMC4. About 5 million Wii's vs. about 2.4 million of the other two combined.

Remember, Devil May Cry 3 couldn't beat Super Smash Bros Melee even with the sizable lead the PS2 had over the GC in Japan.

SSBB will definitely sell better (a lot more)...but DMC4 will definitely have a great week.
DMC4 will be popular and sell well, but it is NOT a Final Fantasy XIII or Gran Turismo...

Eitherway, though, I expect DMC4 to sell 150,000+ copies which is very respectful for the small install base of ps3's and 360's...

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I'm wondering if anyone will say "DMC4 will win" in a non-sarcastic way.

Yeah, Brawl will beat it, but they're both gonna be awesome games, so whatever.

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It would be a HUGE dissapointment if SSBB didn't outsell it.

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I expect SSBB to sell around 400k first week in Japan, and DMC4 around 200k for PS3 and 360 combined, so yeah, SSBB will trounce it.

SSBB will sell more than all other titles in the top 10 combined. Correction make that top 20 combined sales.

SSBB 500k
DMC 120k (both versions)