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 but the graphics aren't great

Cannot. Take. This. Individual. Seriously.


Dat gore

Notice how Ellie and Joel's hands make the same movement? Synchronised flinching.

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Looks like the PS3 is going to need a dusting down for its exclusives outing... last one by all accounts.

I'm so hyped for this game. The reveal of Dark Souls 2 was also shocking to me.

looks good,let's hope it plays well,always like a good bit of TPS survival combat,glad to have a release date as never sure these games are actually coming for the salnax thread

so are all those games listed in a previous post coming out Q1,when is beyond 2S being released,when will MS and sony announce their new machines if everyone is so sure when they are coming

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I'm glad we finally got a release date, but what if GTA 5 comes out at the same time? Then this game will probably be undeservedly ignored. I'm buying both, but it's kinda scary that they are coming out at roughly the same time of year

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Looking good, first half of next year will be great for my PS3!

this all but confims to me that the PS4 will launch holiday 2013. if it wasnt sony would need some big games in the holiday and there is no better option at the moment than the last of us, also May isnt really the best time to release a game yet sony is releasing the last of us in that time, there Q1&Q2 are jammed with games with nothing for later in the year. why? there gonna show PS4 at E3 and they want to release The Last Of Us before E3 and before they show the PS4 so it can move as many ps3's as it can.

JOKA_ said:
Just in time to get clobbered by GTAV

Crap, I just realised this...  Just have to hope GTA V comes out the month before

@bananaking21, I am not convinced that is necessarily right. Sony are probably going to announce it before E3, AND, there is a decent chance that there will another Naughty Dog game coming later in the year, assuming the Uncharted  team keeps to a 2 year schedule. Added to that, the strong possibility that this won't actually be a big seller, I am not sure they really have to save it for the holidays. AND AND AND, Sony doesn't tend to release its main games in the holidays, sure Uncharted does, but very few others do

I actually wasn't that hyped for this game before that trailer. But it got me really, really intrigued. Also, dat music.

This game looks awesome but I still have to buy Uncharted 3 first. This could very well be the best looking PS3 exclusive ever and it's a Naughty Dog game which means gameplay and music will be great as well. Hmmm... May is after semester break, dammit... guess I'll play this one in August then