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Do you have a have a Vita? If not why?

Yes, I have one and I'm enjoying it 113 25.92%
Yes, but I'm still waiti... 33 7.57%
No, but I'm buying one this fall 19 4.36%
No, I'm already got a 3D... 59 13.53%
No, waiting for more qual... 40 9.17%
No, the price is too high... 80 18.35%
No, I'm not interested in Handheld gaming 31 7.11%
No, its going to be disco... 59 13.53%

I don't have a Vita for several reasons:

- It is too expensive. Especially when adding the memory card costs and the lack of high quality titles (which would suggest a lower price).

- No Sony IP's interests me. If I tried out a few I would probably like some of them, but I don't wanna take such a great financial risk.

- Sales trends. At the moment they really don't suggest that support for the system will increase in the near future. Heck, as far as we know Sony might even drop support if the system bring nothing but losses.

- Lack of compelling third party titles. If there ever is a great third party title made for it, chances are they will or already have released a superior version of it on an HD console anyway.

- Controls are inferior to that of Xbox and PS controllers. Smaller sticks, smaller buttons positioned too closely to the right stick resulting in accidental button presses. (Or so I have heard.) No handles to give the user a good grip.

- The hardcore gaming experience is trimmed down significantly due to previously mentioned controls, worse sound (I don't like using earphones when gaming, but even then I don't own any high quality earphones), smaller screen (scaling down the epic feel of enjoying massive detailed on-screen objects and environments/landscapes).

While the last two points also applies to my 3DS, the 3DS compensates these issues with its unique software.

I think you have pretty much summed up the problems with the Vita, though I think it is as comfortable as possible considering portability.

I think sales trend is the biggest concern. Sony don't use their A teams on Vita and their B teams simply don't make as good games and if they are not willing to commit all their resources to it, then why would 3rd parties?

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Kenology said:


But for me personally, PS1 Classics and PSP games wouldn't sell me.  Only VIta games would.

That's fine, and I agree.  You don't have to keep saying it :P

I'm waiting for either a price cut or more games but I said the same thing with the psp and never ended up getting one...(I was waiting for assassins creed liberation but it doesn't sound like it's worth getting a system for...and I seriously contemplated purchasing a vita when the lbp pack was out)...I already own a 3ds (which I'm also waiting for some decent games to come out on...though I am content with some recent purchases I've made from the eshop for the time being)...these days handhelds are more convenient for me cos the only time I get to play anything is when I'm bumming around at work.

Yes I own a PS Vita since July 2012. Two games have recently justified my purchase: Street Fighter x Tekken and Ragnarok Odyssey. I'm having a lot of fun playing these two online with my friends. Next tuesday, as a Plus subscriber, I'm getting Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Jet Set Radio HD and Final Fantasy Tactics, all for free.

I definitely don't regret one bit, I really like the PS Vita.

Looking forward to Persona 4 Golden, Phantasy Star Online 2 and Soul Sacrifice.

I've bought a vita at launch. I was in Dubai at the time and got an Uncharted/8 Giga memory/ 3G vita bundle. Once I knew the vita was open region like the Ps3 , it became a sealed deal for me (I import a lot of games ).

Honestly, In the year(give or take ) that I've owned it, I've played it almost every other day and have bought over 15 games.

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Waiting for Dissidia HD, Crysis Core HD, Type-0 HD.

I am NOT waiting for any Call of Duty game or any other spin off from a PS3 game.

I would get it if I had the money which is the same reason why I dont have a Wii-U/3DS/Xbox360.

Anyways, the memory cards are the main issue for me. $249.99 basic pack is the pack I am planning to get which is the same price as the PSP when it first came out in 2005.


Edit: New bundles would be nice , I dont want to get CoD black ops declassified (l0l) and I dont want a white vita when getting ACL. 


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Had one since launch and now I am finally beginning to truly enjoy it. Sure took a while.

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Yes I have a Vita.....The games I have for it are Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Touch My Katamari, Disgaea 3, Rayman Origins, Ragnarok Odyssey, Assassin's Creed: Liberation..and from PSN I have

Sound Shapes, Tales from Space: About a Blob...I think there's more but I don't have my vita on. x.o

oh...and I forgot Hot Shots: World Invitational and Motostorm RC

I just don't want one

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