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Do you have a have a Vita? If not why?

Yes, I have one and I'm enjoying it 113 25.92%
Yes, but I'm still waiti... 33 7.57%
No, but I'm buying one this fall 19 4.36%
No, I'm already got a 3D... 59 13.53%
No, waiting for more qual... 40 9.17%
No, the price is too high... 80 18.35%
No, I'm not interested in Handheld gaming 31 7.11%
No, its going to be disco... 59 13.53%

One reason I don't have one is the fact that since it's release it's just not been a financially viable option for me sadly. My friend has one, and I have to say the build quality is superb, it really is a device that deserves the critical praise it's recieved. The cost is the major obstacle for most consumers I'd imagine, followed closedly by the identity crisis it suffers from which is oft spoke about in the forums on this site.

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Ive just bought one a couple of weeks ago, and I purchased Uncharted and Mortal Kombat for it. Finished Golden Abyss already, on 2 difficulty levels, and I dug inside MK a bit to. Its the most well designed gaming system that I ever held in my hand, yet there are issues with it: no AAA system seller, expensive hardware/software and the ridiculous memory card system.

My next purchase will be Wipeout 2048 and probably Gravity Rush and AC3:L

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I bought 1 PSP, did not play it much, so sold it. Then I again felt like I wanted one when they released Remote Play with the PS3. Still was not playing it.

So overall, I guess I'm not much into handled gaming. And as much as I want a Vita because it looks cool, I will resist buying it.

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I don't have a Vita for several reasons:

- It is too expensive. Especially when adding the memory card costs and the lack of high quality titles (which would suggest a lower price).

- No Sony IP's interests me. If I tried out a few I would probably like some of them, but I don't wanna take such a great financial risk.

- Sales trends. At the moment they really don't suggest that support for the system will increase in the near future. Heck, as far as we know Sony might even drop support if the system bring nothing but losses.

- Lack of compelling third party titles. If there ever is a great third party title made for it, chances are they will or already have released a superior version of it on an HD console anyway.

- Controls are inferior to that of Xbox and PS controllers. Smaller sticks, smaller buttons positioned too closely to the right stick resulting in accidental button presses. (Or so I have heard.) No handles to give the user a good grip.

- The hardcore gaming experience is trimmed down significantly due to previously mentioned controls, worse sound (I don't like using earphones when gaming, but even then I don't own any high quality earphones), smaller screen (scaling down the epic feel of enjoying massive detailed on-screen objects and environments/landscapes).

While the last two points also applies to my 3DS, the 3DS compensates these issues with its unique software.

It seems this console is a very polarizing item. Some people consider it the best hardware they have ever owned, most people don't even consider purchasing it. I don't plan to purchase it because it has to compete with stronger offerings not related to videogames.

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I don't have one and won't buy one.
Reason for this: If I'll ever get another handheld (last gen I bought a DS and a PSP), it will be a 3DS.
Reasons for that: 3DS 1st party games and 3rd party support.

It's still undecided if I'll get a 3DS, it's decided though that I won't get a PSV.

No, because its overpriced and has no games that really appeal to me.

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Marucha said:

Well there's a couple of reasons why I choose not to buy a Vita... but the simplest of reasons is that there just that the kinds of games that I like to play aren't on it. I know some people laugh at Nintendo for "kiddy" games, but to me, light hearted, fun, and colorful games are a plus. Games that are not so serious and don't have such a 'realistic' vibe to them, require a little more of a imagination or suspension of believe, is a good thing. I don't necessarily prefer all the guns, glory, and boobs, but then again I'm a female. That doesn't mean I don't play those games. It's just that so many of those games are already out there and I would not be one of the first to line up and buy them. There are always exceptions though.

The other reason, albiet this can be easily overridden by a very good software lineup for me, is simply the fact I was so burnt by my purchase of the PSP. I just expected more of the money I spent on it. I did enjoy some games on it, but I just expected sooo much more. I could spend a few pages explaining why I feel this way but rather than do that, I'll just try to sum it up.

In general, the PSP seemed to be me to be a very good emulator, but not very good for PSP games in the way of that I would pick up a game, play with it and be completely wrapped up in the PSP... even I thought PS1 looked better than most games that were made for it and I found myself playing mostly PS1 classics on it and ports. To me, the design of PSP games just seem to be all that great and since I played a lot of ports and PS1 classics on it, it was instantly obvious. I don't know that it was necessarily the hardware's fault though, I think it's because a lot of games weren't built up to their potential by developers. I didn't pay all that much attention to the drama around the PSP when it was first out as I was a late adopter. So maybe there was issues with getting games that really pushed it's potential, but I have no idea. For the most part, I just felt like a lot of the games were dumbed down, the graphics weren't optimized... so on.

I felt that way at first about the DS too because I had purchased that after the PSP, but after a while I got over it because the games felt like they just had so much more depth, so much more gameplay and entertainment value to offer. I don't know how describe the comparison there. It was just much more fun to play my DS than the PSP... To me, the PSP was being sold as a glorified emulator... it was trying to be a console that 'took it on the go' but maybe that withheld it's potential to stand on it's own and shine. I get that is what Sony is trying to do, but for me, it just didn't do anything for me like the DS. In fact, I own two PSPs... I bought a PSP fat for my husband when he was sitting at sites overnight.

For games, I especially love the Harvest moon, Rune factory series. I'm from the 90s RPG golden age, so of course anything that plays like anything from that period will get a nod from me. I like racing games, sims. I will play some action games, like Tomb Raider. I used to play Resident evil, but in all honesty I haven't played any of the newer ones. I like platformers too. Though for the most part, I'll play any genre. I like "God" games, so I will play Black & White, SimCity, Sims, etc. Minecraft and Terraria too.

I have trouble thinking of all the games I play and what types. I just play whatever looks like it is fun to play. If I don't like it, I don't play it. Oh, Hotshots Golf is fun too.

What the hell is a god game


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I don't have a Vita for several reasons:

- Because its a Playstation product.


Bet with gooch_destroyer, he wins if FFX and FFX-2 will be at $40 each for the vita. I win if it dont

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SnakeDrake said:

I like "God" games, so I will play Black & White, SimCity, Sims, etc. Minecraft and Terraria too.

What the hell is a god game

She gave you the examples right there (although I'd debate Minecraft as a god game).

Populous; Black & White; SimCity; Startopia.; Tropico.  You play as a 'god', in that you're normally just a cursor and you shape things around you for whatever it is you're shaping (followers in populous, cities in simcity etc.)

I love this genre.  It seems to be dying out, though (and it's pretty much dead on consoles, in any case).