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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Increasing Evidence That Nintendo is Not Serious About the Hardcore Gamers

Speaking of hardcore. You know that guy with the "Ganon style" sig? I'm Tingle in that one.

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Chandler said:
runqvist said:
Chandler said:
Fanboy article is fanboyish. Loved the part about the lackluster launch lineup.

It is in the eye of the beholder. I am one of those who see the lineup lackluster at best. There is only few games which I would be interested in.

Assassins creed 3

Black ops 2

And then few games I already own.  I don't know much about wii u:s online system, but I am willing to bet that there won't be as many gamers as on 360 or pc. Assassins creed might be a reason to get the console, but then again, it is available on pc/360. Tekken might be interesting too, but that is also available on other platforms. Other than those games, there is nothing for me.

So get your games elsewhere. Nintendo can not cater to every single person on earth. If you only like neckstabshooters the fpsbox is the superior choice for sure. No contest. People with a broader interest in games will probably not call the launch lineup lackluster.

So what goes in to your neckstabshooter genre, everything where you use a weapon or what?

Other than shooters and action games I also like sports games, racers, strategy games, rpg:s at least. That isn't broad enough?  I guess not.

CharmedontheWB said:
Not everyone is keen on playing some imported game. We are not all anime freaks who worship everything Japanese.

Ever heard about games never coming out in Europe or coming out months after the NA release?

Sensei said:

 Without achievements I have no reason to play anything on Wii U.

If achievements are all that you play games for, then you're playing games for all the wrong reasons...

Reads like someone came to a conclusion and then decided to try to find an argument for it ...

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To say Size Matters... when the Wii U allows you to use ANY OFF-THE-SHELF STORAGE OF YOUR CHOICE?

You can attach a 3 TeraByte USB External Drive (or whatever next higher size market will offer over time) to your Wii U and use that... that is Nintendo saying, we don't want to make money on selling you limited capacity expensive proprietary hard drive (X360) and want it to be extremely easy to upgrade storage according to your individual needs over time (PS3 is a pain to upgrade).

Yes the PS3 is an absolute pain in the ass to upgrade... and your capacity is still limited to 750GB for 7200rpm or 1TB for 5400rpm 2.5" drives currently available - and it is not for people not comfortable swapping out an internal drive. I upgraded mine from 500GB to 750GB about two weeks ago, and I am still re-downloading all the crap that doesn't transfer over after 20+ hours of backup and then 20+ hours of restore. Why was the backup/restore so lengthy when it didn't even copy over my freaking trophies which had to get re-synced, nor any DRM content (which is 99% of what you have).

When I upgraded my PSV from the 4GB included to a 32GB... that was painful as well requiring that crappy Content Manager software installed on PC and then connecting PSV via USB to PC to do backup, then restore. Also took a really long time.

Compare that to how you upgrade storage for Nintendo machines like DS, 3DS, etc... ya you just copy the files from old storage to new storage. Take out SD card, plug to comptuer, copy files to computer, plug in new SD card to computer, copy files back onto it. Put the new card in the 3DS and you are done. Took < 10 minutes to upgrade from my 2GB started memory on 3DS to get to 32GB. Didn't have to re-download nothing. That is how they have it for the Wii U... so you don't know what the F your talking about when you complaining about Nintendo's storage options.

It also makes everything else you said sound like the rant of an uninformed individual that is less serious about gaming then someone claiming Nintendo is not serious about gaming. What a bunch of jokers.

fordy said:
Sensei said:

 Without achievements I have no reason to play anything on Wii U.

If achievements are all that you play games for, then you're playing games for all the wrong reasons...

I would ask... whats more important in terms of social value?

Some arbitrary number that shows next to your gamer tag... or your friends online being able to see which games you are playing, how much, how often? Being able to communicate directly to you and others with Social Network (MiiVerse) directly integrated into the Wii U ecosystem and even within the game (a la Demon Souls). Lastly... they do still have support for "achievement" equivalent in the form of "accomplishments"... they are just not requiring all games to have those things. This means that a game design doesn't have to get mucked up to accomodate an achievement or trophy requirement platform holder.

I personally find the type of statistics and recommendations on Wii and 3DS Nintendo Channels / eShop more interesting than either Trophies or Achievements... what the hell does someone else's achievement tell you about the game? That they played it and maybe grinded through something probably not fun... to get some arbitrary digital sticker.

Keep in mind that the achievement "score" doesn't say anything about you except that you play more games... you could just be achievement whoring on Barbie games for that digital pride. I myself like getting the little pop-ops for trophy or acheivement... but I don't worry about grinding through some crappy parts of game to diminish my overall value of the game. I also get no social value of those these... it is purely personal satisfaction.

Wii U clearly isn't a hardcore console. I mean, in order to play games on it you have to actually purchase the games. What the fuck? And you have to use controllers to interact with the peice of shit; why the fuck doesn't it just read my mind like a real console? And the launch lineup sucks a whole bag of dicks. It doesn't even have a mature Nintendo game, like this one.


Is it plausible that they could add voice chat with a firmware update?

vic_viper said:

Speaking of hardcore. You know that guy with the "Ganon style" sig? I'm Tingle in that one.


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