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let me fix it:

Increasing Evidence That Nintendo is ignoring fake terms such as hardcore gamers because they offer a 2d style mario that 20 years ago would be considered hardcore but for whatever stupid reason not today.

1.Region lock has nothing to do with so called hardcore it has something to do with profit. And its not about the most loyal customers its about the customers that care for games that dont make it to their country and customers that understand japanese etc.

2. . "The hardcore gamer does enjoy convenience, but certainly doesn’t rate it above physics, graphics, and overall performance and gameplay" Is your opinion.

I consider myself a "hardcore" gamer (if such a thing even exists) And for me Graphics are a means of communicating information and ideas. There is far more important stuff than graphics and especially physics. And as long as the graphics are sufficient im okay with it.
Art style > polygons on screen.
A small example for this is Minecraft it was made by no "artist" and looks meh. There is texture mods out there (even ones with same teture resolution) that make it look much better without increasing polygons or anything.

Nintendo didn't show SUPER AWESOME WiiU games so he third party has a chance. If Nintendo would make 3d Mario or Zelda a launch title people would just go and buy those. Letting the third party handle the launch on their own would end in a 3DS style launch disaster. Its the best of both worlds.

3. "Very little is known about.... the Wii U .... online infrastructure" "feeling" enough said.

The WiiU has small internal storage for SAVEGAMES and Nintendo thinks its customers are actually smart enough to use harddrives. When they decide to download games.

I personally never ever wanted my WiiU to have a harddrive that was bought lets say in april then installed into the WiiU in september and then sold to me in November for the price the harddrive was sold to Nintendo in april.
. Especially since I have a ton of external harddrives I dunno all my HDDS together are like 12TB? Btw interal flash storage =/= HARDDRIVES

Again the flash memory was never intended as dowload directory for 20gb games or so its for savegames and small eshop games.

So when you are sitting in English classes it just makes sense that the "math" you see does not add up because its actually words.


You know what makes no sense compared to the sense the WiiU internal flash size makes? The 12gb PS3. I dunno if the console still has such a slow drive but alot of games force you to install. The WiiU games wont force you to install since the drive is twice the speed so the PS3 streaming issues are not there.

Side note:
Btw USB2.0 which the WiiU has is around 33MB/s or +50% faster than the WiiU drive or 300% faster than the PS3 drive. Even the "experts" at IGN doubted the WiiU would be able to play games from external harddrives LOOL.

So all those people that say WiiU wont be able to play games from external HDDs because USB2.0 is slow are unsmart ;) IT wont suffer from the same problem the PS3 did.
People just dont educate themselves enough ;)