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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Finding a Nintendo DS

So I am looking to get a Coral Pink Nintendo DS for a friend as a bday present, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I've been to Best Buy, Circuit City, and GameCraze(i believe) and they were all sold out. So then I started looking online and it seems to be sold out everywhere. Does anyone know a dependable site that I will be able to order one from? This is getting ridiculous haha

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i saw a couple at gamestop today... or maybe they were boxes...

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I don't know a site that would have them but ever since i stopped going to gamestop, Target has had all my gaming needs.  When i was looking for my DS Game Crazy did not have any and said it would be weeks before they got more. drove 5 min down the road to target and they had like 20.

yea I would like to be able to drive to places, but I don't have a car and Syracuse is shitty...I think there might be a Target around. I will see if I can somehow make it there.

DS's and Wii's have been sold out since Christmas at all the store's I've been to in the GTA. (not a huge amount of stores but still...)

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I've seen a few DSs but not many, and definitely not any Wiis. The only hope I think would be to call around local stores and see when they are getting them or ebay if you do that.

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Ive seen ALOT of DSs in Wal Mart...try getting it from there...


Ds's are sold out?

i was looking for a black ds lite to buy and there werent any there were only pink ones in the stores near me

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before x-mas over 40 ds in stack at my local wal-mart,after x-mas all thats left is dust