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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Finding a Nintendo DS

Its sad that I got a pink ds in june 07, Im a guy


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I went to find a DS the week after Christmas, and i had to go to 6 store before i found one. Nintendo needs to work on their manufacturing capabilities.

Game Stop or EB Games

mmmm... I was doing the same (searching for a DS) and in 6 GameStop, 3 WalMart, 2 KMart, 2 Toys R' Us the DS (and the Wii) are sold out here in the West area or PR. I can't believed that in the middle of January this is happening.

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I got 2, an old gray model and a black DS lite and had no problem when I went to get either.


Got the old one at Wal-Mart and the lite at EbGames.

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where do u live? In my area, Maryland, USA, there r plenty

I was at target today and i saw about 10 in stock.

I was at a Target and Walmart today and I had no luck =( and I am living in Syracuse, NY.

Is Noble Pink ok? If so you could import from or

There are NO white DS in Denmark. I have been looking real hard. The DS is so amazingly popular everywhere.