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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Bayonetta 2 is NOT a WiiU exclusive and here's why!

The flaw here is that Sega doesn't give a shit how much it sells since its getting that nintendo money

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Bayonetta didn't sell well Sega cancelled 2 and now Nintendo brought the rights to the game, just accept it. Sega clearly don't care about the franchise, and I am sure Nintendo added an exclusivity clause when they fronted the money for development.

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That's some heavy wishfull thinking right there...

Soundwave said:

Nintendo is almost certainly the one providing the funding for this game.

Sega is broke and can only finance Sonic games and little else.

Platinum is a small indie studio that needs a "sugar daddy" to pay their dev bills.

It's Nintendo guys. Get over it. The moment Nintendo spends even $1 in development on this game (let alone probably the entire budget) is the moment it's over. It's never going to be on a non-Nintendo platform.

Nintendo should just buy out Sega's IP period. Probably can be had for cheap at this point, Sammy would probably be happy to wash their hands of it.

Will probably never happen, publishers HATE selling their franchises, they usualy hold them till they die. Hw many ppl are wishig Nintendo would buy Megaman, Conker or Banjo? But Microsoft or Rare will never sell Banjo's IP despite the fact that we all know tey will probably never do anything with it. Theiris also alot other example outthere.


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Sega probably had no interest in making the sequel, so Nintendo funded the project. As a result, it became a WiiU exclusive.

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Not even that serious for one its not that big of a game

Using made up numbers ...

Nintendo is paying Sega $40 Million to develop a game that is costing them $20 Million to create, plus an additional $2.50 for every copy of the game sold to license the IP, and as a result the content of this game will be published and owned by Nintendo. While Sega could possibly develop new Bayonetta games in the future for other platforms it is unlikely that any of the content from this game could be used without compensating Nintendo for it.

Wasn't Bayonneta 2 cancelled at some point? It probably resurfaced again because Nintendo decided to fund the game because Sega had no interest. In which case a port wouldn't be possible.

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