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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Bayonetta 2 is NOT a WiiU exclusive and here's why!

VicViper said:

Don't even want to imagine what will be when Hatsune Miku becomes Wii U exclusive, which is probably soon


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In this case, you can only share engine code, not properly the game assets. Maybe that's the question. And also why Mass Effect 1 is on xbox only

Yeah, and the Pokemon will save Vita!!!!!!!!!! ;D

thetonestarr said:
Licensing issues are complicated. But if Sega says Nintendo owns publishing rights to the game, then Nintendo owns publishing rights to the game.

This. What you're saying may happen... or it might end up like Mass Effect 1 on PS3.

4 ≈ One

The meltdown after Bayonetta 2's announcement is better than the announcement itself. I love it

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Nintendo is almost certainly the one providing the funding for this game.

Sega is broke and can only finance Sonic games and little else.

Platinum is a small indie studio that needs a "sugar daddy" to pay their dev bills.

It's Nintendo guys. Get over it. The moment Nintendo spends even $1 in development on this game (let alone probably the entire budget) is the moment it's over. It's never going to be on a non-Nintendo platform.

Nintendo should just buy out Sega's IP period. Probably can be had for cheap at this point, Sammy would probably be happy to wash their hands of it.

Just let it go man.

Alright, I'm convinced ryuzaki57 is trolling us now. No way he is truly this butthurt and has gone this bat shit insane over this announcement.

Roma said:

HA HA! i totally loved this post with reggie saying : WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?

Pretendo said:
The meltdown after Bayonetta 2's announcement is better than the announcement itself. I love it

Nothing like a game possibly becoming exclusive to suddenly get people to care about a possible franchise around it.  Without Nintendo saying exclusive, I don't think too many people would of been that much up in arms if there never was a Bayonetta sequel.