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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Bayonetta 2 is NOT a WiiU exclusive and here's why!

thetonestarr said:
Licensing issues are complicated. But if Sega says Nintendo owns publishing rights to the game, then Nintendo owns publishing rights to the game.

This. Just look at Mass Effect 1 and why no other console can have it except 360.

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Bayonetta Sigma here we come.

Are you gonna start the 100,000 Strong for Bringing Bayonetta 2 to my console of choice ?

Why don't you make like a tree and get out of here?

?????? I think this is a case similar to Mass Effect 1? (which was published by Microsoft so neither Sony or Nintendo could have that game in their consoles)????

Its a Wii U exclusive, I am willing to bet that SEGA had no plans to make bayonetta 2, so when Nintendo decided to get the publishing rights to Bayonetta 2 it would of been cheap for them to ask for it to be a Wii U exclusive for a reasonable amount of time. (maybe 4 years? since i bet SEGA would want the ability to re-release it in future generations.)

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You need a hug?

if that was true why isnt MASS EFFECT 1 comgin on on Wii U under a 'rebranded name'

Called Mass Effect SIGMA 1



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Don't even want to imagine what will be when Hatsune Miku becomes Wii U exclusive, which is probably soon