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    Nintendo lost their last third party support

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 June 2013

    I believe this is the Information people are talking about: http://mynintendonews.com/2013/06/11/ubisoft-e3-show-host-says-no-new-wii-u-games-because-its-an-abandoned-platform/ Ubisoft referred to the Wii U as an "abandoned" platform claiming that they were moving away from developing any new core games for the system for the foreseeable future. ...

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    Lack of GTA V footage...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 June 2013

    FFXIV was confirmed PlayStation exclusive (PS3 + PS4), KH3 is currently only announced for PS4 (it will probably be PS4 / XBONE though)...

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    Sunset Overdrive

    in Microsoft Discussion on 10 June 2013

    looks ok from the trailer but so did Overstrike. Ill wait until we get more details as well considering the game was implied to be always online (power of the cloud)...

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    What really bugs you about the One?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 08 June 2013

    How US centric the console is. After all what good is half those features if they won't be available to me at launch (or likely for years afterwards). The anti-consumer moves are also a little concerning -- how long will the XBONE play videogames ? 10 years? After all once those servers are shut down / Microsoft stops supporting the XBONE it will not play your games any more and in a world...

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    Article reasoning that what ended World War II was not the atom bomb

    in Politics Discussion on 31 May 2013

    enditall727 said: tiffac said:If I remember correctly the Pro-War group in Japan was going to do a coup de tat, if the Pro-Dialogue group persuaded the Emperor to surrender which I believe was going to be the decision but when the Nukes were dropped that ended that plot and Japan finally surrendered. Sorry, my history is kind of bad. What were the japanese trying to accomplish...

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    How much of Sony's conference will be for the PS3?

    in Sony Discussion on 29 May 2013

    Soriku said: Hasquarl said:The conference is 3 hours long. I'd say they'll give each console an hour each. Pretty sure it's only 2 hours at most. Its 3 hours this year 6pm to 9pm PST.  Anyway i hope it is ~30mins PS3, ~45mins Vita, ~1 hour 45mins PS4. ...

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    You can play The Last of Us while it is still downloading

    in Sony Discussion on 17 May 2013

    ironmanDX said: pezus said: ironmanDX said:PS4? Aww... Didn't we know this already? Still very impressive though on a console, pc's have been doing it for what? A decade? Maybe a tad more... I was hoping it was a thread about the ps3! Still impressive though... Sorry... :-P The Last of Us is on PS3 o.O Where can you play PC games while downloading? I always have to...

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    3DS-45million vs Vita-10million

    in Sales Discussion on 28 April 2013

    Honestly the way Vita is going it should either easily beat 3DS or i doubt it'll ever reach 10mil. The system is in desperate need of a system seller and price drop!...

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    FU Nintendo Australia

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 April 2013

    sethnintendo said: How is the eshop in Australia? Do you have most eshop games (indie and retail) that are on NA eshop right now? It is the worst digital distribution store(s) i have ever seen. The Wii U store is missing a lot of content and the 3DS store is only just being fixed (previously if you tried to buy a lot of Nintendo's first party games you get a message - "This...

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    How big is your backlog before you stop buying new games?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 March 2013

    I have a 14 - 15 game backlog* at the moment, though that should hopefully drop overtime since March seemed way to crazy on the release schedule (seriously i bought 10 games and skipped over some i would of bought if there had of been fewer releases) *i only count games i intend to play soon and own, otherwise i would have a 40 to 50 game backlog of stuff to finish thanks to steam sales......

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    Sony Japan president: PS Vita sales have increased four-fold

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 March 2013

    tbone51 said: the_dengle said: tbone51 said:Just check 3DS #'s for japan only. 2 weeks prior to price cut= 16,165 1 week prior to price cut= 3,928 Price Cut Week (no games)= 206,065 it was about 12 or 13 times more than two weeks prior with no major releases. Go back to the week before the price cut was announced. 32k. An increase of 6.5 times. Thats two...

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    PS4 Price Confirmed??? $429 and $529??? Nov 17???

    in Sony Discussion on 23 February 2013

    At this point it is all speculation -- besides i doubt SONY has anything except expected manufacturing / shipping costs + a range of possible price points at the moment. As for the release date, SONY may have November targeted but it will be a few months before they nail down an exact date to announce ( Since they will need to sort out when to start mass production). ...

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    Vita price dropped to $199 (both Wifi & 3G models). FFX HD shown, release date to be announced soon.

    in Sony Discussion on 18 February 2013

    The price drop should help a bit -- but what SONY also needed was to announce new games as well. As for the price impact outside of Japan, well ~$199 promotions have been around on and off for a while but maybe retailers might be willing to sell the hardware at ~$189 or $179 (depending on how much the retail mark-up is and how much they make off memory card / software sales)...

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    Is Console Design Going Backwards?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 February 2013

    Well one of the reasons is what could you upgrade with a add-on these days? You could possibly add BC pretty easily but when it comes to CPU / GPU / RAM your going to have massive bottlenecks with bus speeds and it would several layers of complexity and overhead to engines....

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    What are your gaming "Budgets"?

    in General Discussion on 04 February 2013

    No limit -- i would say i probably spend ~$2000 a year on games though that may have to change -- all ready i find i am building up a sizable backlog of games i still need to play or want to replay. ...

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    Analysts: 300k to 400k Wii Us for pre-order, Nintendo 'managing' supply chain

    in Sales Discussion on 22 September 2012

    Well it would definetly be Nintendo manipulating pre-order's, GameStop/EB would be more than happy to take pre-orders for the second or third shipment of Wii U's if they could !...

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    "New" PS3 Pricing Explanation

    in Sony Discussion on 19 September 2012

    I expect the SONY believe that the new model should maintain current demand -- so they are trying to make as much money off the hardware as they can. Expect a price cut next year so SONY can announce the PS4 (which i expect so cost $399 US)....

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    If the Upad is $150, then doesn't that mean the console is also $150

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 September 2012

    lilbroex said: teigaga said: lilbroex said: teigaga said:Controllers are normally sold for huge profit. I doubt the wii U controller cost more then $80 to manufacture, in fact I remember a breakdown of its components coming to $50. like any accessory, its gonna be sold with a huge profit margin, for an accessory which at the moment is considered a complete luxury and...

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    Fuse Announce Trailer

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 September 2012

    :( why did Insomniac drop the Overstrike art style? Fuse just looks too life-like. I hope the game is good... but at the very least i expect the masses to overlook it....

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    Bayonetta 2 is NOT a WiiU exclusive and here's why!

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 September 2012

    Its a Wii U exclusive, I am willing to bet that SEGA had no plans to make bayonetta 2, so when Nintendo decided to get the publishing rights to Bayonetta 2 it would of been cheap for them to ask for it to be a Wii U exclusive for a reasonable amount of time. (maybe 4 years? since i bet SEGA would want the ability to re-release it in future generations.)...

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