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That's some heavy wishfull thinking right there...

Soundwave said:

Nintendo is almost certainly the one providing the funding for this game.

Sega is broke and can only finance Sonic games and little else.

Platinum is a small indie studio that needs a "sugar daddy" to pay their dev bills.

It's Nintendo guys. Get over it. The moment Nintendo spends even $1 in development on this game (let alone probably the entire budget) is the moment it's over. It's never going to be on a non-Nintendo platform.

Nintendo should just buy out Sega's IP period. Probably can be had for cheap at this point, Sammy would probably be happy to wash their hands of it.

Will probably never happen, publishers HATE selling their franchises, they usualy hold them till they die. Hw many ppl are wishig Nintendo would buy Megaman, Conker or Banjo? But Microsoft or Rare will never sell Banjo's IP despite the fact that we all know tey will probably never do anything with it. Theiris also alot other example outthere.


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