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Forums - Music Discussion - Who's the most original band/singer today?

Which singer or what band do you think comes out with the most original different music today. So no old bands (unless there still making orignal industry changing songs today). 

A couple come to mind, I don't listen to much new bands, so the only ones I can think of would be Muse and Mumford & Sons.

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I would have to go with Katey perry.

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I find it interesting that you said mumford & sons...they play off a retro folk rocky tone which is definitely different today but i wouldnt call it a new style.
..muse? i stopped liking them when they said that they took inspiration from dubstep (it was actually a while before that but that made me realize that they will never go back to how they used to be

I don't think I listen to anything new (most of the stuff i listen to is from the 90's) and i dont even think there is anything in the mainstream that could be considered original (i dont even know if it exists anywhere).

Maybe Anamanaguchi...they are really helping to shape the chip tune scene (also ironic because it combines old school video game tunes with relatively generic instrumentals)

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Really don't care much for most of today's musical artists. Of the artist that have been mentioned so far the only one I'm familiar with is Katey Perry.

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I'm going to have to go with Katy Perry, also. She's the voice of a generation.

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No clue. None of today's music really stands out for me. I guess I'll say Amy Winehouse if the recently deceased count.

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What are we hipsters here? who cares if they are original. As long as they are making great music whats not to love?

I would say either Mumford and Sons or Florence and the Machine, cant get enough of either of them also I seem to have taken a liking to Marianas Trench.

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Muse/Matt Bellamy. I love their sound and they experiment all the time.