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Honestly, with how videogame journalists reacted to the DS vs PSP, Wii vs PS3, and 3DS vs PS-Vita I would be far more worried if the journalists were happy with the Wii U ...

It isn't that I think they will always make the wrong "bet", but more that they have a very unique perspective on the industry which doesn't line up with 80% of gamers and they don't seem to be able to understand how the other gamers will react. Maybe because a lot of them don't actually pay for their hardware, they don't seem to believe that most gamers would favour a more modest system that cost $200 to $300 than a super powerful system that cost $600 to $1000.

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It's not just Nintendo. It's Vita, and although it's too early too call, it's PS4 and Xbox 720 too.
Industry watchers are seeing a very clear pattern of people moving to smartphones/tablets in huge and ever growing numbers. Game developers for those platforms are raking in the dough, console game makers have continually struggled to be profittable (Activision excepted thanks to WoW). So the question becomes: Can WiiU change this dynamic? Top that off with all of Nintendo's classic issues - poor 3rd party support, alienated the core, fickle casual market who don't actually care about HD or online too much (and might just stick with Wii or iOS) and there you have WiiU news.

It's justified analysis. Wii profited by doing something new, immediately accessible to everyone and fun. WiiU may be fun but doesn't really seem new and has lost the accessibility that made it a hit amoungst older consumers. Wii ignited people's imagination over what could be (but largely failed to meet those aspirations) where WiiU has been greeted by a collective shrug.

However Nintendo has always been the most innovative video game maker. If it fails to stop the bleed to iOS/Android then expect even greater doomsaying for PS4 and 720 (except amoung the fanboys (and a lot of vg press are fanboys) who will live in denial for years). However, to there benefit, PS4/720 will do a better job of maintaining 'deep', high production games and their fan base than Nintendo ever will. Unfortunately trying to make a profit off that fanbase is hard and getting harder all the time.


cusman said:

When has hate ever been logical?

Perfect post. Hate never ever makes sense.


Still, the OP has a point; The media's bias against Nintendo is beyond awful. It's disgusting, really.

archbrix said:
chocoloco said:
Lol, only a fool would want opinions from a group of people that only give out positive responses most of the time (Nintendo only gamers). This does not create an accurate picture of anything. What foolishness to assume everybody is in a cuddle puddle of happiness towards Nintendo.

Clearly, you're missing the point of what he's saying.  This isn't about irrational Nintendo fanboys crying foul because not every article is all sunshine and rainbows about their favorite company.  He's talking about a profound bias in the media to spin negativity against Nintendo - specifically the WiiU - and I actually believe there is some credibility to that.

Look at the recent fiasco from Eurogamer:  Purposely twisting the words of developers for their headline just to get more hits by insinuating that WiiU's power is (relatively) mediocre... when actually, if anything the devs spoke to the contrary.  And don't even get me started on or Pachter...

Another example was how the cable channels reported during E3.  I'm the first to admit that Nintendo totally disappointed with their press conference and deserve every bit of flack they received for that.  However, that's no excuse to intentionally shine a negative light on the WiiU.  

G4, for example, has their "closer look" bits during E3 where they feature a game and talk to the devs/publishers/PR people while showing the game and highlighting details.  But not a single one for any WiiU games; just a couple of very brief shorts from the show floor on Mario and Rayman.  Morgan Webb was typical in discrediting it every chance she got; first by saying, "I think it's current generation, let's be honest..." which, ok, whatever, but then when one of the guys she was interviewing actually interjected with how the Miiverse features could be considered next gen, her first response?  "Yeah, but, do you think anyone's actually gonna show up for that?"  One of the guys even said, "Well, they'll certainly be there for NSMBU".  It was as if she was determined to paint it in a negative light no matter what, instead of being objective.  Then later when celebrity Aisha Tyler spoke about her hands-on with ZombiU and how she liked the controller interaction, Kevin Pereira, dumbfounded, exclaimed, "You mean, it didn't feel gimmicky?".  Once again the media taken by surprise that many of the people who actually PLAYED WiiU and gave it a chance enjoyed it.

Spike TV was a similar affair as well:  Geoff Keighley was quick to criticize WiiU when it was made apparent that WiiU had the most people talking about it on their hype-meter; perplexed he said, "Well, that could be them saying negative things about it..."  Yes, it could, but way to show some objectivity...

Of course not every gaming journalist is guilty of this and I certainly don't want nothing but accolades through rose colored glasses.  But many of these media people are quick to ridicule WiiU simply because it's "cool" to hate on Nintendo, which is pathetic IMO.  And I believe that if Nintendo does indeed play their cards right, they're in a great position to surprise a lot of people with how well WiiU fares next gen.

I hardly think I missed his point. He clearly says where are the voices of the gamers and then practically asks for opinions of people who only play Nintendo games, which is  asking for rose colered glasses outlooks that do not at all show accurate opinions of a whole. I have not been paying attention to any of the media's outlooks on the Wii U you describe so I cannot talk of that outlook other than say I believee it will be a fair picture  of the people running the particular articles. A fair critique seems better than just trying to avoid annoying people and  just saying mostly complimentary things. As well, I do believe this site has a conspiracy theory gone wrong on the media. It is not a single minded animal with an agenda. Objectivity is a hard thing to create, if it is even possible, so I do not see the trouble. The trouble is trying to push off opinions you do not like and not being open minded that more than one company can and does create greatness and failures.

And there you have it!

"While some might assume that anyone with an opinion and a laptop can become a video game writer, gaining the skills to succeed as a professional video game journalist has never involved something as practical as enrolling in a journalism class"

Aaaw c'mon! They're shooting themselves in the foot! They're more or less saying "you don't need to be a real journalist to be a video game journalist"!!! VG journalism is for fan boys. It's a sad reality.

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Furthermore, I think VGChartz should add a "Like"-button.

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Some men aren't looking for something logical, they can't be bullied, reasoned or negotiated with.

Some men just want to watch the world burn

Nintendo just can't do anything right in their eyes...

This comic is a perfect example, except with journalists instead of devs... Honestly I think videogame journalists just seem to side with developers... I think they also seem to want exactly what they want and are very picky. Not to mention they want to predict the next _logical_ step and have it fulfilled... They don't like to be surprised with awesome things, they think they know what they want, which they don't, in reality... Which also doesn't sound like it makes much sense... <.<

Also, most vgj seem to have the whole "masculine" game complex thing going on... Nintendo is too "cute" for them... They are about 25 - 40 and expected Nintendo to "mature" with them...

The enthusiast press really loathes Nintendo. During the Wii years, it was pretty bad; especially during those times when Wii was selling insane numbers. With Wii U, I can understand folks being skeptical because Nintendo hasn't revealed very much yet. But it'll be interesting how they react once Nintendo announces the date, price, and several games.

DanneSandin said:
Weird thing is though, that the media have no problems giving Nintendo games high scores! Mario Galaxy 1&2 got really nice reviews, as did Zelda SS... Howcome?

Any Way, I think that the whole media reports surrounding the gaming business has turned in to something more like a gossip tabloid!

I think that's because the "gaming journalist" can't deny those games are fantastic, even if they are Sony or MS fans. The problem of this gaming media seems to be more about the hardware rather than the software. 

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Mnementh said:
ryuzaki57 said:
Recently, the French press has been really enthusiastic for Rayman Legends and Zombi U, so there's no biaised opinion here I think.

Hmm, french gaming press is enthusiastic for games from a french publisher? Yeah, I can see no biased opinion here.

I mean there's no bias AGAINST WiiU. But yes they are being chauvinistic.